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Reverse Phone Check:

Called and excitedly asked for my mother by her name. I answered in a very crappy girly voice then proceded to yell at them and told them to take me off their list before they hung up on me. Not the first time they have called
Called and asked for my Mom.  Hung up after I said she doesn't live here.
How could these people got my cell phone number and they keep calling me? It drives me crazy.....
stop calling this number ! unlisted, non -published number and these ppl should be fined. That would stop them from fribulous calling.
How many would like to file a class action Law Suit on this company for Harrassment ? Invasion of privacy? Wonder if that would be their "wake up call"?
Has anyone ever tried cursing them off? Thats what I am going to do if they don't stop calling me.
These idiots called at least 10 times yesterday. I finally answered only to have them ask the ages of household members. they said that they were taking surveys. I asked that they not call again... That worked until 7:30 this morning. I am also on the do-not-call-registry. The amount of telemarketers and polital calls are making me crazy!
They have called our house three times today and our number is an unlisted number so I don't know how they called us.
I couldn't get to my cell phone quickly enough to answer it, so it appeared as a "missed call".  No text, no message, just the phone #.  I didn't recognize it, so I googled the #, and here I am.  Wow.  Had no idea I'd be glad I didn't get to the phone in time to answer.
They called me yesterday and I told them I did not want to particapate in their surey,,there number was on my caller id again this evening at 7:25pm..They do not respect my privacy.
I've gotten calls from them every day this week.Just looked up info on the "do not call" registry since I've been registered with it for years and according to them you can't really file a complaint about companies doing surveys.  I guess we're at their mercy to just listen to the phone ring every day till they give up.  Maddening!
They have called twice today, once yesterday - I do not pick up and they do not leave a message.
They call constantly! Report them to your telephone company. The source of the number is
More info..Princeton Data Source65 Barrett Heights Rd.Suite 105Stafford, VA 22556Phone: 540-898-8818Fax: 540-288-1945Contact: Samantha Daugherty, VP of OperationsExt.
they call multiple times a day - at odd hours
always calling, stop them. From Fredericksburg, Va
Got a call @ 9:08 PM, after the legal hours in which solicitation or collection calls can be made - don't know if it's either - caller ID only said "Fredericksburg VA" and the phone number.
They are calling me on my cell phone and I am on the "Do Not Call" list!!
Get several calls fron these A******S. Each time I get one, I file a complaint with the National Do Not call Registry. Don't know if it will help.
They call our house several times a day and they say they are a survey. So I told them not to call back and they still conitue to call after 9pm even. WAKE UP MY KIDS and they will have one mad mom.

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