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Reverse Phone Check:

These people have called several times in the past few days.  They keep calling over and over within minutes of the last call.  I haven't been home to answer, but they don't leave messages either.  I'm hoping to be here next time they call.  Our number is unpublished, so they have no reason to be calling us anyway.  I tried calling the number back and I get a recording saying your number can't be completed, please try again.
These people keep calling us on our business line for their 'so called' online directory listing update.  Who are they kidding.  I hate these F_cking companies form India and the companies that use their services.  I am from India but I DO NOT TOLERATE behavior such as this in this great country of ours. Are there any honest people left in marketing and legitimately selling their goods and services.  If we don't fall for them and all of the CORPORATIONS dont allow this we would have this.  I wish I can abolish all TELEMARKETING calls from other countries and moreover have limitations in soliciting over the phone lines.
Don't remember call, but unathorized charge from OAN on new phone bil. Both were 9/30/2009. Possible connection?
These Idiots keep calling and hang up when you answer..DUH what's up with you..tried calling them back and all you get is call cannot be completed as dialed..looked # up on line and it appears to be a "spoofed" phone number.
They call all the time "VERY ANNOYING" same foreign voice.  You answer questions to verify if business name or address is correct for the free listing online directory.  Then they want to send you something and you tell them you do not want it.  The say this is all free, "NOW COME ON THERE IS A CATCH NEVER NOTHING FREE".  Then they hang up and call a few minutes later and hang up (I guess they think they will get another persons voice on the phone to be able to give them the same spill).  Is there anything we can do about this?
After a three week haitus, they started with the calls again. Comes up on caller ID as "UNAVAILABLE".We told these chumps months ago to stop calling.. there is no business at our phone number! It's a resident!
Same as the rest of ya... Trying to "Update" your information.
Calls quite often.. says "hello" "hello"... Has very thick accent... from India I believe.... very annoying... Tired of it!!
Yet ANOTHER online directory company trying to "update" our information. Yeah right.  Is it the same company calling repeatedly, or are there a million of them out there?  Who falls for this obvious BS?
Called twice during meals. Indian accent
(546) 286-6611 called several time this year starting in May with the same "scam"!
this company calls us once a day sometimes twice saying they want to update our listing. Operators usually have an Idian accent. They've been told not to call but refuse. unable to call the number back
This number calls often, hits voice mail sometimes - obviously a call center as I can hear many conversations in the background.  They call repeatedly.
No one there. Hung up???
Blah...  I am so damn tired of calls from people like this.
They say they are from National Yellow Pages and online directory which lists you for free.
Second call today.  I don't answer.
Called us then hung up, rude behavior
Someone called me from this number and tried to trick me into getting some online directory services.

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