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Yes he is a stalker. He is insane. I am very worried about him having any info of me. He posted something on Craigslist for a job I replyed. Scamming young women, what a loser he is!!!!
561-305-5959 Just got the call. Do not listen to him
561-929-9652 seems to be the new number.I think he likes to hear himself talk. Sounds like a total scam. If you know that many people, then let them book the rooms.
Requested info on hotel, got upset thinking I was rude to him and went on about 20 minutes how he knows people in the hotel business.
Called mothers day asking questions he Is off his meds wasted 20 minutes that I'll never get back beware!!!!!!!
This caller did as the posts mention - calls on a Friday afternoon.After I called him back he called me back on a Saturday morning! When talking to him he was very defensive when I asked him his company name and what he sells etc. Demanded I email him information right away and needed all the hotel info immediately.
Same complaint as others.  Truly believe caller is either bi-polar and off his meds, drunk or on drugs!
has called for two weeks trying to get rooms for a group at a discount rates. when he doesn't hear what he wants he becomes rude, screams and uses abusive language. also has threatened to show up at our office to try to speak with the owner. has threatened to get people fired and so not take this persons call. you will waste an hour listening to his lies....
This man is a lunatic! He is very rude and just down right nasty for no reason. He wants your assistance but does not even give you the chance to assist him before he initates some type of disagreement. I have encountered him a few times and he's never been nice...
This caller is crazy and very aggressive- and goes on and on about the hotels that he has worked with in the past in New York, Atlanta, Vegas etc.  Has called us every year; for the past 3 years, requesting ridiculously low group rates- usually for a family reunion. Scam! Will not provide an active website, and will use profanity when not able to get his way. BEWARE!
He is a crazy stalker!!
I believe # changed to 561-929-9652
Ditto to all the previous posts.  Used the same name, address, email and information as stated in these posts.  Has called at least 6 times this week and will not stop!
This man is Crazy. He keep me on the phone for 18 minutes on a friday afternoon. He started pretty nice, asking/demanding for brochures, suveniour, giveaway from my property allegely to be use by his company Marvelous Events adn Vacation Planner. Asked that I sent these items to his address in Florida and to his brother in India. Won't get off the phone. Syed Qadery -561.305.5959 - BE AWARE.EXTREMELY RUDE when he wasn't getting confirmation of my obeying to his orders.
The guy gave name of Moin and asked all kinds of questions about all the equipment we have and wanted brochures & catalogs sent to him.  I tried to give him our website to see it all because we don't carry just 1 line.He also stated to me that he works with gas stations, hotels, baskin robins, etc, etc, etc...I had to literally hang up on him, he did not want to shut up!!the address he gave to send mail to is Marvelous Planner, 285 NW 15th St. Boca Raton, FL 33432Ring a bell to anyone?
Same story as before in all of these posts. Threatening people, causing a commotion, contacting corporate offices for the brand, just a mess all over the place.
Caller called and he said exactly what he told the other hotel person on June 18, 2009. He was so upset when I asked him for his address and fax number.
Caller claims that he owns hotels and is looking for discounted rates.  Extremely rude using obsenities while speaking.  Asking that we right very detailed e-mails so his family can obtain a VISA from overseas. Threatening comments made as well
Caller called hotel and went on and on about he owns hotels and has had conevntion using 1500 rooms and stated that he could send me documentation and asked for emplyee rate for a block of rooms for a family reunion and to e-mail him a contract.  The way that he went on and on without really giving information when questione draised a red flag.  He will also give you this e-mail address   He also stated that he was  a "vacation planner" and the name of his company was Marvelous Events & Vacation Planner.

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