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Anyone else get a call from this number?  The caller ID said Iowa, but I didn't answer it and they did not leave a message.
I got a call from this number, called right back and got a recorded message that the number has been disconnected.
Sunshine Coast - have received these calls on our mobile as well as land line. Same thing could not call back so I decided to google it and found this site. My last call was 10.30pm at was the email address. How about we bombard his email account.
OK People - after a bit of digging here is the australian contact for SAS who own that annoying number that bugs us. I am a telemarketer and these people give us a bad name. Go ring them at every opportunity. STD phones calls cost me 50c and it will be money well spent to me to hassle them for a change. Amar Vohra, Head of Marketing CommunicationsTel: 02 9428 0592      amar.vohra@sas.comSydney Head Office300 Burns Bay Road, Private Bag No 52, Lane Cove NSW 2066Tel: 02 9428 0428               Fax: 02 9418 7211
I'm in Syd. and got a call at 11.00pm on Sun night asking for Jack or Jill, in I think Chinese or Indian, I was Half asleep and couldn't really work out what was going on. I haven't got caller i.d. on my landline. I gave it the contempt it deserved and hung up. I didn't think any more of it until today when I got 2 more of these on my mobile, but 2 rings each time, then nothing. I will be turning off the mobile at night. I'm amazed at how many other people are affected by this too.
Had this annoying caller 28,30 october roofing insulation scammer trying to cash in on the govt rebates,try calling them back and "get line area busy try again later"
I've had two calls from this number - missed both, they hardly rang. I'll try putting a complaint through to the Do Not Call Register - perhaps others should too:
Get these calls all the time.  Now have the number in contacts as Telemarketer so know to ignore it.  Would prefer they didn't call at all.  How can we stop them altogether?
Yes I am another one getting these phone calls. Have one and off for a couple of months now.
Well done Rajiv. I'm in Queensland Australia and the number was prefixed with the local area code. Noone there when I answered and 'network busy' when I tried to return the call. Now that I know it's rubbish, I'll just ignore it. Thanks.
I have received at least six calls on my mobile from 0756349400. The call may have been to my landline which I have diverted to my mobile. They nearly always hang up immediately.Interestingly, they are all on a Thursday.Thu 3/9/09 14:45, Duration 2 secondsThu 10/9/09 16:11, MissedThu 17/9/09 13:54, Duration 3 secondsThu 1/10/09 15:36, MissedThu 8/10/09 12:46, Duration 4 secondsThu 8/10/09 19:06, MissedI have no idea who is doing this.
this number has been calling me for ages and finally i decided to google it. i like others got engaged signals or gongested messages wen ringing back i just wish they wld p876* off
Same here, every day and every night even 2 am, am on the Do Not Call Register but this in no way stops them. Can't Telstra block this number.
Same caller ID every Saturday morning at around 9am for the last 8 weeks. Never able to return the call and every time I answer there is nothing. I believe it may be some sort of auto dialer. Very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!
After doing some research into this anoying number that keeps calling me and giving me the same problems that everyone here has mentioned i found out where the source may be coming from. Everytime i look into it i alwasy end up at this website called which is located in India (no surprise tehre). I e-mailed them informing that they need to fix the issue but i doubt that will help. I looked deeper and found a name and e-mail address:Rajiv KumarSAS IndiaTel: 022-56349400Email: rajiv.kumar@sas.comWebsite: sugest all that come across this anoying number e-mail him to sort it out as i have done. Maybe then the phone calls will stop.BTW they put the corresponding area code in front of what ever area they are calling
have been getting calls from this number for about a week same thing as soon as you answer you get a busy signal.Have tried to talk to telstra and find anything i can .as per usual telstra is about as usefull as @@%$%#$
This number has called me over 10 times. It never rings for very long and when answered it hangs up. Cant call back as its "congested" or engaged. Even got a call at 11pm ffs. Is there anyway we can complain to telstra or an industry watch dog?
Been getting the same thing here - Im in Australia.
2 missed calls from this number. One today and one yesterday. Return call and am hearing that it is congestion in the area.
I called it back and recorded voice message told me that the service is unavailable due to "congestion in the area". Weird shyt. That's why I googled the number.

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