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It is the American Diabetes Assn. I called the number back. It was an automated response. YOU CAN ENTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND IT WILL BE REMOVED FROM THEIR CALL LIST within 30 days (by law). They say they hope to have it removed in the next couple of days. Let's hope so.
Started receiving calls from the number last week.  Pick up, and no one there.  Received  calls over the weekend, and today before 8:30 a.m.  Checked out this site, and found the number and other posts.  Have now blocked the number.  If they should continue, I will continue the Attorney General's office.  Why should someone have to call long distance to have a number removed.  Nothing but fraud, and tired of having my personal phone used by these individuals.
called at 11:0am again after several days of calling.never leaves message.  anyone know of a way to block this call?getting to be annoying.
Caller ID = "ADA", I do not answer.  They never leave a addition to  571-2610106 I receive Calls with the same ID (ADA) from the following numbers:301-223-0109240-210-7102703-291-9032call frequency is one to two times per day (for over a month now).Suspect I landed on the solicitation list because I made a donation to the ADA through a neighbor last year.  I'll never do that again!
The ADA 571-261-0106  calls several evenings.  No message left.  If I answer, no one talks.
This number has been called my house for months and never leaves a message. I will not answer whom I do not know. Caller ID says ADA
Calls, calls, and calls...
I received a call from the "American Diabetes Assn". Unfortunately, I answered on the phone that doesn't show who's calling. When asked if I would mail out 14 envelopes to neighbors, I stupidly told them that I would. Now let's see what happens. I'm now waiting for the 14 envelopes.
called three times, i ask who, what etc when i called back they hung up. then i called with a deep eastern european accent ahd they replied what is your phone number xxxxxx they replied we will remove it in a russim accent
These are all calls from the American Diabetes Association, probably telemarketers hired by ADA to solicit people to mail within their local neighborhood, asking for donations.
Interesting... yes, they ring 3 times and then don't leave a message.  This happens randomly.Minor karma point - at least they use a legit caller ID (NCO Fincl Svcs).We've never owned a Cap One card.  However, my attitude is that anyone who won't leave a message with information doesn't really want to reach me anyway.  Anyone who mangles their Caller ID also really isn't interested in talking to me either.At this point, my land line is 90% garbage incoming calls so I'm looking for a "whitelist" pc software that will:1) Intercept mangled Caller ID calls before the phone even rings (e.g. if it says "Unknown" or "Private" - sod off.  You aren't legitimate.)2) Route specific calls to particular voice mail messages.
we are sick and and both over 60s on fixed income just got out of hospital christmas eve .these people drive us crazy the law says if you send them letter to stop calling so far unable to get the to answer so when i answer phone i ask for name and address they hang up on me.they call from 8a to 9p every day we are tortured anyone has the address please let us know
Called and left no message
How many phone numbers do these turkeys use?  Went to Verizon today to see if I could get a new number that had NEVER been used by anyone.  No luck.  Guess they will continue to call Tiffany O'Dell at my number.  Just wish she would pay her bill so they stop.
Activated a Verizon phone for my daughter and almost immediately the calls from this number start pouring in. Had to take a firms stance, but purportedly the calls will stop in "24 to 48 hours"  Will see.
I just got a call from 571-261-0072. My wife answered and they asked for my ex-wife...We divirced 19 years ago!
I placed a complaint with KY Atty General and just got a response. They did an investiation on this number and stated that it is "Free Enterprise Institute, Inc." and they are exempt from the do not call list because "Monetary donations on behalf of charitable or non-profit organizations are exempte from state and federal do not call laws." Kinda funny that the person I spoke with identified themelves as "Institute of Voter Attitudes for the State of Kentucky".  And they did not state they were seeking donations for charitable and non-profit. I wonder how much money "Free Enterprise Institute, Inc." gets in commission of monetary donations for charitable/non-profit organizations get to call on their behalf? Anyway, file a written complaint with your Attorney General and this organization will be forced to put your number on the DNC list.  Feel free to quote my information.
This is the second robo-call I have received from this group. Longmont, CO resident. I made the mistake of answering the first.Website of the group push-polling. They're Teabaggers. I'm pissed. whois information on the domain is anonymous. I suppose it comes back to Katie Witt.
It's obvious from these comments that there are supporters of Karen Benker here. Her opponent is not funding these robocalls. Karen Benker is a city official. Who is running for re-election. Who has a voting record. Who has been under investigation for her questionable record. Don't want to be contacted by push polls in elections? REMOVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER FROM THE COUNTY ELECTION OFFICE WHERE YOU ARE REGISTERED.
Karen Benker, IS NOT one of the most honest city council persons our city has seen in a long, long time. A push poll regarding her seems to have rattled some of the commenters here. Don't like it, ask her to resign. That will avoid any future calls regarding her. If she perhaps wins the election, we will form a recall effort. We want honest and transparent government. Karen Benker is not right for Longmont.

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