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Its the state of missouri main line and shows up for various departments including department of revenue, state highways etc. usually leaves a call back number to the specific department as this is a non reachable line
Same as the two people above.
Was called at 10:39am on 10/19/10.  I answered and the caller disconnected.  Caller ID identified the caller as MISSOURI.
This number calls twice a day.  Never anyone there.  When I say hello I get a "busy signal"  I have recieved more than 60 calls from these jerks.  Today for the first time there was someone on the other end of the phone.  They asked for me by name, identified them selves as "something ASSET MANAGEMENT" then said let me look at your file and hung up on me.Telephone harrassemt is against the law.  Nusence calls are against the law
same here
keep calling home and cell phone but doesn't leave message.  try to call back and is always busy.
i have gotten 4 of these calls in a row.
I just rcvd calls on my cell from this number. I was out of the room and by the time I got to the phone it just said I had two missed calls from this number. Not recognizing the number, I did this search and came up with this site. I also live in Kansas City. Weird.
My daughter picked up my cell phone and the caller asked for me, and she told them they had the wrong number.I don't know why she screened my call...I don't have bills in collection or any reason to hide from anyone calling...but I have told them that if anyone calls me with a number not stored in my phone to show a caller ID, to say they have the wrong number, cause I DO get a ton of sales calls.However, being I had just queried about a child in that state a few weeks ago, I am wondering if this was a call from Missouri DHS about that particular child, but upon returning the call, I get no answer.
I got a weird one just a few minutes ago...I missed it but it showed I had a new voicemail.  When I went to check the voicemail, I was a broken record (almost like a rerecording) of my own voicemail.  It had me a bit freaked out!  When I tried to return the call all I got was a busy signal.
I got a call today at 4:36 pm.  I missed the call but it was logged on my cell phone.  Does anyone know the nature of these calls?
I received a call ftom this number at 9:40 am. on Sept. 19,2008 in Salem, MO. The caller ID read; Missouri State...that was all I could see on the name.No message.
(8/30/08) just received a voice mail from 573-522-0000.  It was a business call from the Missouri State Highway Patrol requesting a return call.  Although the call back number was slightly different, the call was legit.
missed a call from this number on 19 August 2008 at 3:30 p.m.  called back and incessant ringing followed.  extraordinarily bizarre that this should be associated with the state of missouri or any law enforcement offices, as I had been contacted by the Water Patrol earlier that day, from a completely different number.  perhaps the AG should investigate?
Got a call from this number today 8-18-08 at about 3:35 PM  called it back because it is such a weird number, just rang and rang.  No Message
i got a number from this today on august 16 2008 saying they were the atf
Called me at work as well (8/12/08), didn't answer it as it just showed up as a number and i only answer if i know the name. googled it and this was the first thing i found!
i received this call but missed it..did the same and came across this.. called back ...keeps ringing..
I believe it is a main line for the state of Missouri.  It is just the caller ID of which shows up for many departments.
Same thing today...missed a call at 3:05, called it back and got only ringing, googled it and found this blog.

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