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This number called my office and was saying that I needed to agree to a cancellation file # and an invoice would follow for $479.00 to cancel my internet advertising with the yellow pages.  When I asked him to call back and speak with the owner he got very irritated.  He wouldn't give me a number for the owner to call back to either.  SCAM!!!! Called AT&T yellow and reported it.
This is a Colombian number. Be careful if you decide to call back and remember to hide your phone number.Es un número de Colombia. Ten cuidado si decides llamarles y acuérdate de hacer una llamada oculta.
quiero saber de donde es este numero 5749055110, me llaman pero no me hablan ni se escucha nada, vivo en florencia, colombia. si alguien me puede ayudar con esto por favor escribame al correo
yo tambien recibio una llamada de este numero... fue mi amigo en colombia.. jaja que raro no?
como puedo saber de que pais  es este numero telefonico
I've also received a call from them. Really weird.
I've also received a call from them. Really weird.
I've also received a call from them. Really weird.
idem j'ai eu un call de ce numerojuste une sonnerie le 18/08/2009 à 15h30Je me demandais si le but n'était pas de me faire rappeler un numero surtaxé.Il semble que ça provienne de Skype.H
apele le 17/08/09 a 17h28 personne au bout du fil
appel du 5749055110
I got a call from bo. 0015749055110, it was a woman but the line was very bad.
It's a number from Skype. Depending on the load on Skype lines, they route outgoing calls on different lines. Most of those lines don't send Caller ID, but some do, like this one. In fact, it is an American line, with a +1 (001) prefix.So: someone tried to call you with Skype ;)
they called me. They are based in london and called me for a job.I let my cv on e-financial carrers some hours before this call.So good luck if they call you
I also received a call from this number: it seems it was a friend calling me with Skype... Maybe you should answer when you get this call.
I received 4 calls from this number today! I didn't respond but it's irratating!
receive call from this number 2 times in a week...Perahps an ad...

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