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Reverse Phone Check:

Answered call - was told to stay on the line and this persons senior would come on the line - asked what it was about and was told it was condifendtial to hold for senior - said if he couldn't tell me what it was about I wasn't staying on the line and I hung up
Just recieved a call from a young lady, saying it was long distant was hard to hear. ..heavy accent...... she wanted to verify my last four of my was incorrect. She said "you are being recorded...this not your last four?"  I said no. Need to figure out who sold my info!!!!!!  I asked for a manger she hung up.
called cell, no message
this number that calls is annoying....calls several answer , they hang dont answer and they don't leave a message....these calls just started..its as if someone is just playing because they have nothing better to do...can't anything be done about this unnecessary nuisance ???......the # is.....586-834-1144
this number   calls  my cell 2  times a day
Yep I got a call from this number about a month ago, and when I called it back a female answered. She sounded like she has a southern drawl to me. I just got a call from this number again and when I called it back it was busy!
I have to say some scam artist must have made some money selling my information that they stole off of the web. Never ever apply for a payday loan over the internet. I applied but never took the loan and ever since then I have been bombarded with calls coming from all over the country from people who can barely speak English and if they do, it is with a very heavy foreign accent. I no longer answer calls that I do not recognize the number. These people are harrassing and rude and are running very highly illegal scams. Never give them ANY information. Don't confirm ANY information. Ask them for a number that you can call back. If it is a legitimate call, they can provide that information. If it is a scam to get information, they will either get rude and threatening or hang up.
I just received a phone call from this number, asking for my name, saying it was a long distance, calling it will confirm the last numbers of my Social Security.
Caller kept asking for "my name" and did not want to give me his name.  Could not pronounce my name and had a heavy accent.  I confirmed that it was myself, out of curiousity, and then he asked me to confirm that my SS # did end with these last 4 numbers (it did match!)  I hung up immediately.
They are rude...and almost never speak understandable English.  I tell them they have a wrong number and they act as if I'm lying to them!  RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!!!
called my daughter's cell and asked for me, couldn't hardly speak SPANGLISH said it was a business matter
Cell phone rang twice and caller hung up.
Just got a call. Caller hung up when I answered. I tried calling back and call wouldn't go through.
Collection agency..
The last two days someone has called using this number. They don't leave a message...Who are they??
Answered to see who it was and, of course, no one talks!!!
This number has called my house several times. When I answer, I get the busy signal. When my husband answered, he was asked when he would be available for dropping off package, AM or PM. I tried to call number back and no one answers.
I received a call from this number with no response when I said Hello.Caller ID just had Michigan Call w/the number.
I sent the number to, where for a fee, they investigated the number.  Information they reported back included (but was not limited to):Name:            Patricia Blue (last name unavailable)County:          MacombCity:            WarrenState:           MichiganZip:             48093Phone Company Info:Allegiance Telecom of Michigan, Warren, MI; Phone Switch Type: SLFDMIDODSO

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