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I'm from SA as well as got the sms on my birthday but only saw the mess days later & as I received numerous calls on my birthday from overseas thought it was one of my friends so I called from not sure having read your questions if that was the smart thing to wait now and see if there's a bill to be paid or not.
Yes another SMS that wastes my time , I'm sure Cell C are behind this, I'm in SA and on Cell C contract but moving very soon to MTN.
Thank you google.  Same as everyone else SA, Cell C.
I got the same message from 006703307552 . I think it's Albania dial-in code .It's definitely a scam because  I have no "secret admire" in Albania . Don't call it !
Got the same message.  However I just had to do it.  I phoned the number and it took R50 bucks of my phone in one shot.  Never got the result because airtime was finished.  However I am also with Cell C
Also just got the mesage and the first thing i thought is that its a scam but its realy weird uhat its only cel c subscribers geting it are they seling our numbers
Hi everyone. I'm also from SA, just got the SMS a few minutes ago. I think this is definitely a scam of some kind because there are errors in the language and spelling e.g. "secret admire" instead of "secret admirer".
im in SA and the exact thing happened to me..I called the number out of curiosity and there was a voice prompt, please seclect one to listen to the song...It was Bryn Adams, singing the first verse the the voice prompt again...Press 2 to leave a message for your secret admrer...
I got the sms too.  Glad I googled it and found all these responses, otherwise I may have fallen into this scam.  It must definitely be a scam.  But where are they getting our cell phone numbers from.  This is the second time I've been targeted with a cellphone scam.
I haven't given out my number recently so I really have no clue where they'd have gotten my number... im just curious to know what it's about? I didn't phoen the number, has anyone else phoned it? What did it say?
I got it too... I'm from South Africa. Anyone call the number? It's an international number I'm sure.. but I don't know which country... so strange...
I got the same sms, where are you from? south africa?
i got this sms stating 'a song has been send to you by a secret admire, to listen to the song and find out who it is call 006703308005.' i dont have a clue what they want but i am not calling!

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