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Same problem. Not aware that I signed up for anything but when I've contacted Virgin they are saying this could only be initiated by a text coming from my phone in the first place.
Recieved SMS from 60042 - not subscribed.  How can they do this?  Will also email company to complain and contact vodafone.
I got a text from BuboMe saying I was subscribed to a premium video service, rang my provider 3 who called the BuboMe number to take me off their service. I have been charged twice for this scam, will have to fight it out with 3 now to have charges removed from my account.
I'm on t-mobile and i checked my bill only to find out that I have been charged £4.5 for the past 3 week. T-mobile is claiming that I have been texting 60042 every week at the same time. Am I stupid?This is a scam. T-mobile mentioned I need to contact the company directly. I told them there is no way I'm going to do that and I want them to take the charges off my account and to cancel any future charges which they thankfully did
You can register an official complaint about this or any other scam at the following web-sites. have to register with Grumbletext before you can register a complaint and this can take a while, however I would encourage you to do so and lend weight to our complaint.
A company called BuboMe Premium Vidoes sent me a SMS text message too informing me they had taken their subscription of £4.50 from my Mobile Phone Account. For this message I also had to pay for their text message. It happened last week and I was unsure as to whether I should text them back, as invited, to stop the payments. This week a further £4.50 and 2 text messages have been paid out of my Orange Account. This time I have text them back to say “Stop”. I then received a message (which I pay for) saying no more money would be taken.Firstly, I have never subscribed to such a company. Secondly, how have they got my mobile phone details ?. I have contacted Orange and am waiting for a reply. Who are these people who can so easily get our money.
I to received an unsolicited text from BuboMe Premium stating:You are subscribed to BuboMe Premium Videos fo 4.50 pre week until you sedn STOP to 60042. HELP for help or 0-808-189-337I sent the STOP text immediately, but when I checked this morning £4.50 has been deducted from my account credit and 10p for the STOP email I sent.I reported this to one of the Virgin Operators who could not help. I have since sent an email to the Virgin Team and await a reply.
Me too; same text arrived today. I have reported to O2 and told them to make sure no such unsolicited charges are on my bill - I await their response. I haven't sent STOP as suggested as I thought this could itself incur further charges.
Recieved the same text 2 Dec, checked mobile credit and £4.50 taken. Contacted Virgin and they told me to send stop which I did. Checked balance today 4 Dec to find another 4.50 taken.
Got this message last night about subscribing to premium videos, called Orange today and they told me to send the STOP message as indicated in the text and said they would refund me any changes I have incurred when my next bill comes out, which could apparently be £2 for the text I recieved.Got an immediate reply from 60042 when I texted STOP saying that I would get no further costs from them... Orange were a help but they didn't seem that concerned about following it up and they're going to be footing any costs that come from 60042...
I looked on my online account and I had £4.80 extra to pay. I didn't know what this was so I looked and 60042 was on there. I text STOP and they said that they would stop charging me. It cost me £4.50 once then 10p three times. This was on Tesco Mobile
I've just received a similar text from this number, traced it back to bubome premium. I've emailed them telling them not to charge me and I am contacting O2.
Yep,I've had a text from this number as well. Bunch of shysters at Bubome. Report them to your network providers and also to your credit card company or bank. They need bringing down.
got a text message saying I was subscribed to movies for £4.50 per week, which i did not subscribe to
Caller was foreign has been calling for days saying they are from the Tax Revenue Dept and I am owed 2000 from overpaid taxes.  When I sd great they started asking for checking acct info refused to give without a callback number for verification, got very rude about request and sd that I would be given that at verification I told them to never call my house again but they have persisted to call numerous times even told I would call my local gov't rep and demanded to be removed which I was told I would be removed no more than 5 min later they called back....UGH help!
Called at 10:17pm, 2:22am and 6:15am.  Calls about a possible rate reduction and to rpess 1.  Pressed 1 because I was furious they were calling in the middle of the night but noone was there.  I tried to call the number back but it says it is not valid.
They call me all day! Is there a way to block this number??
same as others. Tell them to stop it!!!!
receive the same call,no message left

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