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I got the same message today and was like thats not even an aus number, where can we report them to? on me just now
We post a car sale ad in GUMTREE Perth and received an sms from +60129340669,saying to email her at kristen.raymond44@gmail.comLuckily my bf found this webpage and identified this is a scammer.There must be something we can do to report them before someone becomes a victim. Does anyone know which official to report to?
I Received an sms and asking me to reply to this email I said I would only accept payment via western union coz I could tell it was a scam and "Kristen Raymond" responded saying that she only does paypal and I said no as I don't have a paypal account!!! Why do these ppl waste our time I hope no one falls for there crap.
I had dealings with MEG ROBINSON wanting to ship car advertised on GUMTREE TASMANIA . Watch out for the following names MEG ROBINSON, SCARLET PETERSSON, pair of a**holes that need to be SHOT but ill tell them to pay postage first LOL. Its people like this that think thay are so smart i hope they end up bankrupt !!!!!!!!
Meg Robinson wanted car advertised on gumtree freighted to malayasia Wanted me to pay Over $2500 freight before money transferred through paypal.You will then be threatened by paypal they will send FBI and Fraud Invistigators to see you if u dont pay she is involved with a bunch of ScammersKEEP WELL AWAY
Hi i have had the same happened to me she or wateva it is it contacted me through gumtree saying she wanted to buy my car claiming the money was in my paypal and ofcourse i checked my paypal and no cash so dont fall for ity guys its defintly a scam
sounds so fool i wondering any one will believe them just tried his BS with me, I'm the type of person that will spend whatever it takes to find this f*ck and kick their head down  their throat.Please don't fall for these scams. They're plainly obvious to spot.All the best
I have received a text from a 'Penny Stevens' on this number regarding my car for sale.They wanted me to email them - penny.stevens4@gmail.comSo far i have contacted them but i think it is one of those scams. BE CAREFULL EVERYONE BECAUSE THEY ASK FOR YOU TO RELEASE YOUR VEHICLES TO THEIR SO CALLED 'BROKERS' FOR SHIPMENT TO OTHER COUNTRIES AND GO AS FAR AS TO HAVE FAKE PAYPAL ACOUNTS SAYING THAT THEY HAVE PAID YOU FOR THE VEHICLES. THEY NEARLY CAUGHT ME OUT BEFORE!
Hey guys ..thanks for this site .. i got the same message in response to my gumtree advertisement selling my car.  Thanks for alerting me to this scam re: a text sms was received saying email me the details if my car was still for sale to:   after reading this site i responded to him in kind ;)It seems every time I place an advertisement on gumtree I get a sms from these scammers.  Interestingly +60 country code going to Malaysia as well but its easy to get around that and have a local sms number using an overseas VOIP service.  Thanks!
********* REPORT THE GMAIL ********************Send a complaint to gmail bhcools12@gmail.comwho  The term is called PHISHING:I would like to report a Gmail user who has sent messages that violate the Gmail Program Policies and/or Terms of Use. a full complaints process in there.
Had same text from Brono at 4am this morning - "Hi mate, I want to know if your vehicle on carsales is still avaible for sale, plz email me on: bronoross @ gmail . com Pls reply via email only, Cheers Brono". Glad I googled bronoross and found out it is not legit.Thanks!
me and my partner had our car advertised on the trading post and we had txt msgs from ppl saying to email themcutieamym@gmail.comgordonhugh112@gmail.combhcools12@gmail.comashley.young001@gmail.comPlease be wary of them all
had the number +60125477656 enquiring about my car i was selling, asked me to only email him : , sus as. clearly a scam. what country is that area code even from?
We just got a message from this scammer as well.  Also watch out for Barry - who offers you more than the value of the car and only deals through Paypal.  other scammers include & who also wants a quick sale.
I have got two sms, one wanted me to contact and the other both from +60 numbers.
i also had a sms from this person and i wasnt sure so i googled her email and this site came up just thought i would let you all know that she is still getting away with this and i hope she gets caught
he wrote me as well."Hi mate, I want to know if your vehicle on gumtree is still avaible for sale, plz email me on: bronoross @ gmail . comStrictly email only pls.Thanks"

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