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Reverse Phone Check:

Many, many calls from this number asking for someone other than myself.  I've told them that that person is not at this number, the caller refuses to identify themselves or the reason for their call when questioned they hang up.
Calls 4+ times a day, asks for my wife, I ask who's calling and they just repeatedly say my wife's name with a question, i.e. "wife? wife? wife?"  When I started to tell them to stop calling they hung up on me.  This last time I knew who it was and just told him immediately to stop calling my number.  He replied with a "What??" like I was crazy, and then I told him again, with a bad word, probably not a good idea but I've had it with these people.  I too tried to call back the number and got the stupid message with no option to talk to anyone or identify the company.  Caller ID says American Market.
Been getting calls from this # no one answers, when I call back no answer.
I personally believe if you ever did and business with ICM websites they sold your phone # along with your credit card. I was charged by a few different merchants stating that i was interested in doing business from home and its an intial authorization to verify that you are who you say you are. $149.95 to verify who i am?
called and told me that i need to stop smoking, drinking and shooting up because i did sign up for it then hung up.  I am so pissed off   this was my 5th call today and probably 25th-ish over a 2 week period   I am contacting my attorney tomorrow and starting a harrasement suit.
Caller trying to determine if you are home so they can break in to your house!
Called, but did not leave voicemail.  Caller ID says from Phoenix, AZ
Call my mother`s place and she is getting concerned.
who are you that keeps calling me and never leaves a message?
Got a call here but no voice
je suis au canada et jai ce numéro.Personne ne parle et ne répond quand je rappel
I got a call from this number today. The guy said "Our records show you are looking to make some money". When I told him to remove my number from his list, he hung up on me. I did a reverse look-up on the number and it came up as an unpublished number in Phoenix.
calling and never leaving message or answering when I do.  Sent complaint to Attorney General in Arizona but have yet to get a reply yet.
getting called by this number many times over the past few months. starting to piss me off
Someone at this number calls me daily, sometimes 2-4 times a day asking for a Tonya.......I have told them everytime to please stop calling me, take my number out of their call list since there is no Tonya here.  They are very rude to me and have cussed at me a few times.  Today the caller told me that he could only garentee three things, I was born, I am alive and I will die.  Then hung up.  I called the police and now they are looking into it.
does not leave a  message.  Likely a solicitor.
Trying to find out who calls from this number.
I received a call from 602-343-4210 several times and they did not leave a message until today and it's from Mountain Telecommunications, Scottsdale Arizona. They left me a voice-mail message
"Call Trace provides legal evidence of threatening, harassing or obscene phone calls by activating an immediate trace of the last incoming call.    * TELUS Security records the caller's number, the customer's number (the line on which Call Trace was activated), and the time and date of the call.    * Call Trace information is released to the police only. You will not be advised of the caller's number.    * Call Trace is already active on TELUS phone lines in most areas.""Call Trace provides legal evidence of harassing calls to your number.If you receive a harassing call:   1. Hang up immediately.   2. Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone. Press *57 to trace the last call to your line.   3. If the call was a threat to life, contact the police immediately. If not, the police suggest you trace three calls before contacting them.   4. Be sure to note the date and time of each harassing call.   5. Call Trace information is released to the police only. You will not be advised of the caller's number.   6. Call Trace is effective even when the caller has blocked their name and number.If you receive nuisance hang-up calls, the police are not in a position to take action.If you need more help using Call Trace or require any additional information call the Calling Features Helpline at 1-800-663-8131 and follow the easy-to-use voice prompts."Taken off of the Telus website. Use it for this number.
pushy high speed marketing scam about working from home using your comouter.

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