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Reverse Phone Check:

I just got a call from an automated voice that said i won 10,000 airmiles. To claim, press 1. I hung up. Looks like the scammer has found a new number to use. I tried calling it back, but it says the number is not active.
Just got the same call, same story: 10,000 airmiles and press 1
I did not answer, am glad I read this, Just got a call myself!
Did not answer.
just got the same number on my cell phone (Calgary, AB) did not answer
Same here. just recieved it on my Calgary cell phone. didn't answer
clnt rec'd a call from number stating that won 10,000 airmiles and states thinks it's a scam
Got the same call on my cell  - Nov 7.
just got the same call here in Winnipeg
same here on Nov 8, 2010 to my cell phone # - I hung up very quickly (Edmonton AB)
same, got connected, said i was elgible for a vacation package, asked her what type she said she would trsf me. she kept reading her script when i asked her questions. when she asked me for the 3rd time if i was 28 yrs or older of age in order to be eligible, I said "for the 3rd time - YES", I guess she figured I was getting rude and hung-up on me.
Same call today 8 Nov. in Montreal
I got the message on my cell phone. I did not replied.
just got this call on my Montreal cell phone..Electronic msg saying a won 10,000 points for air miles and to press 1. I hung up, googled the number, and came acr4oss this site.
they called me at work the first time and I told them off. They wanted me to send money to a bank transit that day!!! I didn't know who they were or wtf!!!! Anyways they call me 2 times a day and leave this annoying message. It is funny though because they mispronounce my name and say if the person is not home, press 1!!!!! Anyways I delete the messages and when they call me when I am at home, I lift up the reciever and hang it up right away to disconnect the call. I am sick to death of them and hope that they go out of business soon. It has been two years already!!!!
call 604-530-0211 the main office number and wait for someone to answer then hang up....repeat 40 times thoughout the day everyday for a month
If Wiggins Adjustments are giving you trouble give us a call at Stebos™. We have the solution you are looking for.
I get a chick named Francis calling me.I just have the numbers they use in my speed dial and set so it goes directly to voicemail. Annoying as hell.
Getting these calls here too, usually daily, sometimes several times within hour, including weekends.  I don't even have any outstanding debts, it is a case of mistaken identity (common enough name).  I initially blocked the calls using my phone's feature but I could tell they were still calling and wanted to get them to stop, so picked up.  They don't attempt to say who the money is owed to, they just want your credit card number, or had another option for why you can't pay within 5 days.  I didn't get an option to talk to anyone or say it is the wrong number.

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