AntiCall is a user created reverse phone directory where you can:
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- Report telemarketing calls. Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices.

Reverse Phone Check:

i've been watching your moves...u need to lose that hubby of yours.reply w/ your msg (or reply MENU for options)
this person texted me and said their name was austin. i have no idea who it is.
and theyre name said "blj"
This is from the ipod touch app TextPlus
they started texting me, saying hey sexy. i asked who it was and they came back with, the person tht thinks you have a smokin body. i said, okay? who is this?. and they told me not to worry about it. and they never texted back. i dont know who it is, or how they got my number, but this really needs to stop, ASAP.
This number i complete nonsense and someone needs to take care of it!
Received message stating below.  I'm too cheap to reply."...Place."Reply w/your msgmsg&dataratesmayapply>>>Note the above quotations, they were included in the text.  Can LG, Samsung, or Motorola phones have quotations?!?!? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  It's a conspiracy!  An I APP TRAP......
this is number is from a app on the iphone called text plus..its sooo annoying u cant block it..
Billy Maddison- have you seen my moive?Billy Madison- isnt my movie great? Billy Madison- How is my movie in your opinion? etc etc and there were 100 of them in 2 hrs.
textPlus bbyb: sit by thay gurl ur with repky w/ your msg (or reply MENU for options)
stop textin me... so annoying... such a freak... get a LIFE!!!
Getting text messages calling me degrading things and saying they know things about me.
Leveail Myles: HelloReply w/ your msg (or reply MENU for options)I got this message after I blocked the first text message recived from the same person from number 60611002. I think you can NOT block these darn numbers!!! ARGH!
the call was recieved and it said i could only ask yes or no questions and my friend also got a message that said that it knew where both of them lived and then said it could eliminat us at any point neccesary i then called him gay not relizing this was not a friend playing a joke on me
This person keep repeating whatever i say and says its invalid... i'm starting to get a little pissed and wanting to actually call the police becuz this is pretty much just a bunch of bull crap. I have no idea how they even got my number.
this guy text's with the name starting out as "guardian angle" which is angle not angel so he text's me sayin that im an as****** and im shi* and says that since im divorcing my wife that it is all my fault and talked about my brother-inlaw which i havent talked to in a while so then i said for him to call me so he says he cant he's an anamatron robot or whatever and says he was made up from from friends and relatives so that is all i know
This person who txted me said "Hey wats up" I replied "Nm, who's this" then the person kept saying if I answer some personal questoins then they'd tell me.
Morning sexy

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