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The same story as all of you.  I am so glad that this website exists.  Valerie Oliver called and gave me the same pile of BS.  Had my birthday and almost convinced my employer to pay because she had my birthdate.  These people need to be put out of business. If she calls again I will be sure that I tell her that I am recording this call to forward to the Inspector General's office.Good luck!
I just got the same call from "Amanda", who claims we ordered some Info Tech Advisor, and when asked for some kind of billing statement or other document, she needs to be contacted by my legal department.  All she could provide me as proof of obligation is that they have my name and a birth date.  Funny thing is that the birth date is completely incorrect.  From that alone I knew this was a BS call... now I prank call "Amanda" and say filthy things to her on a daily basis at various times of the day... that's what she gets for hanging up on me in a huff because I ask for concrete proof that we agreed to order some tech document that's probably not worth wiping my butt with for way more money than we'd ever agree to spend.
I haven't received a phone call yet, but just received a $240 bill from Progressive Business Solutions saying that I had ordered 12 months (12 issues) of a grant writing publication.  There is no phone number or website listed on this letter anywhere, just a P.O Box address in Malvern, PA, which I'm sure is bogus.  I am, of course, not going to pay anything, but would like to call them and let them know that they can not mess with me!
Also have been receiving calls from Int'l Credit Recovery (Becky) claiming we ordered and received a publication (which we did not).
Same story for our business. Valerie Oliver called me today saying we owed money for the newsletter that I do not remember receiving.  She was very rude and said she would turn our business over to the collection agency today!  I didn't think someone stating their date of birth as  so called "confirmation" is going to hold up in court!
Tiffany Jones has been harassing me for months....Im so glad I found this sight.
Same thing.  Brother called and said he owed 300 for a business magazine he never ordered and never received.  He is not a business person.  Threatened to call his boss.Said name was Kathy
Same story as above. Demanding payment and saying we authorized subscription. They never give any proof when asked.
Thanks to my receptionist being suspicious, she provided me a link to this website when Tiffany called requesting to speak with me. As indicated by everyone else, Tiffany informed me I was delinquent on payments and this would go to collections if I didn't provide a payment immediately.  She indicated the subscription was 'authorized' with my birth month and date from a previous call.  Unfortunate for her, she also provided information that clearly indicated I could not have subscribed to their publication.I asked for a recording of the call in which I requested the publication and have not heard from Tiffany since.  A good 'gatekeeper' is worth their weight in gold!!!
This situation came up for me today and was actually a "repeat offense".  This has occured with several other offices within the federal agency for which I work.  We have been informed to turn over any information regarding contacts from this company to our Inspector General.  When I informed the caller of that fact, she placed me on hold and then came back and cheerfully told me that Progressive Business had agreed to waive their claim and we would owe nothing.
Same here... Kelly Fountain called us and said we had subscribed to a bulletin called Communications for Managers and Supervisors in 2007.  We supposedly owe $94. 56.  I did find a website for Progressive Business Publications and a bulleting call Communications for Managers and Supervisors.  However, I am very uncertain about Int'l credit recovery,inc.
Same story - only my caller said her name was Laurie, and she was the manager there was no one else I could talk to, etc. She tried to use my birthday as proof of a contract, offered a "settlement". She's supposed to fax something, but I haven't seen it yet. These people browbeat you until you almost want to pay it just to make them stop calling! I emailed Progressive Business and asked them to cancel any alleged debt. I hope that works.
Amanda called looking for my boss. She said there was claim against my store. I googled the number and this page came up. I called them back and asked for Amanda, so they transfered me. Then I asked for Tiffany, then Cathy, then Katie and I got them all. They sounded like the same person to me.
A woman called by the name of Cathy, she said she was International Credit Recovery (ICR). She claimed that our Company was delinquent on a payment from a company called Progressive Business Publications for the Quality Manager's alert. She informed me that my name was on the invoice and if we did not pay, our company would be put into collections.  I explained that Progressive Business Publications never contacted me about a publication.  She then tried to get my birthdate by asking me if my date of birth was May 5 (she did not give the year).  I further explained that we never received any newsletter and that I would not allow A/P to pay.  While talking to her, I googled and came across this website and mentioned to her that I thought this was a scam, she got irrate; said she would move forward with filing a claim and hung up.THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT PAY!!!!
Tiffany Jones of 607-748-4686 called stating that we were delinquent on an invoice for a safety newsletter publication we never received. She stated that the invoice was going to be sent to a collections after our Accounts Payable department requested that they show proof of authorized acceptance of publication or copy of recorded conversation which is commonly done during verbal transactions. We have received no verification thus far.We have called the 607-748-4686 back and they just place us on hold. The suspicious behavior of this company is more prevalent when "Tiffany Jones" says she's not Tiffany when answering the phone. Did she forget her name?
We just had the same experience as others; a woman named Katie called from International Credit Recovery and said we owed $299 for a business publication about managing accounts payable.  It turns out that they had called our A/P clerk and asked him for his birth date as part of a survey.  They then tried to use that as proof that we had ordered the Progressive Business Publication, and harrassed our Controller over it.I don't understand how this company is still in business and hasn't been shut down by the States' Attorney or a government agency, but it is ridiculous.  I am going to report it to the FCC and the FTC because one or both agencies might have jurisdiction over some part of this.
This company has called me several times about a bogus newsletter I supposedly agreed to and say I gave them my birthday as confirmation. The newsletter is $250 and I am sure I would not have signed up for a newsletter at that cost. They eventually went to my new boss claiming I had been dilinguent. And I have asked for things in writing which they have never sent although they've offered to fax something.Ignore them and report them!
I spoke with Laurie Appleton yesterday, she said that she was attempting to collect a debt our company had incurred by ordering a newsletter called "Supervisor legal update".  I explained to her that I did not order any such thing and would not have ever agreed to pay $ 94.00 for one newsletter.  Laurie said that I entered into this agreement by giving my date of birth.  I told her that was ridiculous and I have given my birth date to many people but that did not mean I had entered into a contract with them.  Laurie tries to be very slick and has an answer for everything, she told me that we actually owe them $ 256.55 for 5 newsletters but that she could cut that cost down to $ 106.00 if i took care of it by today.  Thank goodness all of you fine people have posted these comments. I cannot imagine how many people panic when they hear they will be reported to the credit bureau and pay these dirtbags.  We will not pay one nickle and will be on the lookout for similair scams. thank you all.
A woman called by the name of Cathy, she said she was the manger of a company called International Credit Recovery (ICR). She claimed that our Company was delinquent on a payment from a company called Progressive Business Publications. She informed me that my name was on the invoice and if we did not pay, our company would be put into collections.  I explained that Progressive Business Publications did contact me about a free trial that they were running, and I did agree to a free trial. I further explained that we never received the magazine and then began receiving invoices. After receiving the first invoice, I personally called Progressive Business Publications and explained to them that we did receive anything and we did not agree to the terms and conditions of their invoice. I asked Cathy for her address so I could have my attorney send them a letter and she failed to supply me with ICR’s address. I believe this is a bogus company that works directly for Progressive Business Publications. They are trying to charge money for a product that they do not supply. I recommend not paying any money to this company.
Tried to collect on an invoice for a fictitious publication. Bad people in my opinion!

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