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i have also recieved texts like this from the number 86999i text STOP to 61115 after ringing orange for advicei recieved an instant text saying i am no longer on the list however i still have the problem of £143 call chargesi have registered a complaint on the phonepayplus websitedoes anyone know the next step to getting there money backand/or has anyone recieved there money back?cheers Tom
THIS IS STATINGrefunds are to be paid in respect of all claims made by users of the full amount spent by themEVERYONE READ, IMPORTANT INFO
i had a bill come through for £591 because of the company switchfire. I have tried phoning them and leaving messages and they haven't got back to me once. I have spoken to orange who have been extremely helpful and told me to seek legal action and report them to OFFGOV.
i am fed up of this number sending me a text about rude pics.ive put stop and sent it 2 61115, they send back thank u for stopping. gets on my nerves.
i have had the same text as everyone else by the looks of it but from diff no.No idea how they got number but mine is coming from 89996. Adult chat line which when investigated boils down to "switchfire". Will be starting my own little riot as this is theft as far as im concerned. Didnt ask for it and dont want it. Pyaing for the privilage- i dont think so.Will let you all know how i get on.
Keep sending texts, one automatically opened and downloaded a video (which they say is impossible) then 35 texts came in straight after. They say 9 items have been accessed on their site each costing £9 and will bill me £81. I have never been on their site and am going to contact trading standards and try to get my money back. Bit ticked off as this is all I need when I am due to give birth within the next 2 days.
I sent STOP ALL to 61115, got a message back in seconds saying I was now opted out of future marketing.
I keep getting texts from the 61115 number with links to porn sites. I dont know where they got my number, but I am not interested. I have tried texting "STOP" to 61115 but to no avail. Please can you tell me if there is a way to stop these texts. Thanks
well we sent STOP ALL and they did - for a couple of weeks - they've started again. The only thing we can think of is that my OH has been using a gaming cheats website that asked for his number to proceed and they maybe sell the number on eah time.....must find a way to stop these as we don't really care what 'dirty blonde gushers are up to' lol
I've been recieving these messages for nearly a month now, no idea why, sent STOP to the 61115 number and so far so good, got my bill through and it's costing me £40 quid for all those messages, I'm off to see Orange today!Otherwise the address above ^^^ might be getting a shitstorm through the post
Hmm well I've just got one as well, How rude! I was lucky the Mrs didn't thump me!
Does anyone here txt other competitions like top gear etc? Maybe that's how they've got my number or there just random txting
yes I recieve dirty things in txt format aswell I'm Really frustrated as to how they came about my no In thee first place I've txt stop or stop all Then cheek I get charges for it aswell5. Alternate attempts to stop this Anyone help hehe doing my nut here LOL Tgc yol x
I've been getting 'dirty' tetxs from these guys for over a month but have now sent STOP ALL so hopefully that works - my bill just came in and I've been charged £8.50 plus vat for the privilege of receiving them - all 02 could do was give me the number for ICSTIS - 0800 500 212 and they can tell you the name of the company and try to stop things like this for you. HTH
This service costs £1.50 per text.To stop the service you simply need to open a text with the words STOP ALL (in capitals) to the shortcode number.If you would like to find out more about this service or have a question about it you should contact the company that provides this service which is listed below.Switchfire Ltd2nd Floor66 Wilton RoadLondonSW1V 1DETel: 0870 609
If this doesnt stop the company is in SERIOUS risk of being fined. Report them at
i have the same problem, does anyone know how to stop these?
I keep getting texts from this number which lead to pornographic websites.One said "to stop text stop to" and a different number, which I did but still they come.
lots of these all same # message can not be displayed

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