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Reverse Phone Check:

I've just started recieving calls from this number in the past two days. I'm using a 3 mobile internet dongle like most others on here
Same guy calls me everyday around 3 o clock or 5 oclock EVERYDAY for optus? told him im not with optus u dumbass and ur a s**t prank caller
Does anyone know who we can call to stop this number from calling all the time? Or even just to find out who it is so I can give them a serve? How frustrating! They call me and when I pick up, some stupid music plays... And then when you try to call them, it gets disconnected! Who are these fools?
calling my 3 pre paid number also
please stop calling that modem number
I also had an "unknown caller" notification from three, about this number.  Why would anyone call my broadband internet number?
I received a telephone call from this number and when i took the call, the caller hangs up. I called back and was advised by the phone company that the number is unavailable.
This number keeps calling my mobil brodband number WTF
Why are we receiving these call every day on our work mobile??When you attempt to return the call it is always unavailableI would like to contact them and give them a blast
I receive a missed call notification from this number every week day for the last 3 weeks, stating they have left a message. the number i am receiving it on is my mobile broadband service from 3
can someone (providers maybe) stop these c*nts from calling ppl! thanks!
Hi yeah i also have had a missed call from this number on my 3 broadband plan modem i dont even know what state this number even comes from
The idiot people at three (3) are so dumbassed that they don't even know their broadband service fron their phone service. So dumb they try to call me on wireless broadband and leave voice messages.
I had phone calls from this number just about every 2nd week - what is this number
What is this number ?
I had missed calls from this number every day
this is from a guy I met on an online dating service.  He keeps calling and I can't totally hear him. I am pretty sure it is some kind of scam but when we chat online he is very nice, respectful - just very hurtful thing to do to a person
If you are on the Do Not Call List, and receive nuisance calls from this number, REPORT IT.  I did.  :)
I think it's Skype. So a friend could be calling you from skype, a collection agent, a scam, anyone.

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