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Reverse Phone Check:

Just received one here signed by Steven Blum "Senior Vice-President."  I find it funny as they have my name and I sure don't have the power to sell the company!
We've been getting these messages from Both companies for several months now. What a joke! So obvious that this is a scam!
Received first solicitation via fax dated 8/06/10 from Canadian Equity Partners, signed by Thomas Johnson SVP --- then one month later on 9/09/10 virtually the same fax but from Toronto Equity Advisors, signed by Harvey Marcus SVP.....SAME PHONE NUMBER
Na Toronto is not one of the major financial scam centers of the world particularly in the area of penny stocks. You be surprised how many in Toronto get scammed from folks from the US using VOIP phone numbers appearing to be in Canada. A good example is this newest scam calling themselves Toronto Equity Advisors, unless you are from Toronto then they call themselves Canadian Equity Partners/Mont Blanc Merger any case the 613 phone number is not even a Toronto area code...and when you check into it further it is a VOIP number that is generated from a non teleco company. It's like a company saying they are from Manhattan, but their phone number is generated from Philly...that should have been every bodies first sign that there was a scam going on....probably from Nigeria, who knows, but the 613 area code should have been a huge hint that a scam was being run...
We got a fax offering to buy our (state-owned) school district! What a crock of bull. Signed by Senior Vice President Steven Blum
The return fax number on my "offer" is 877-342-4169, from "Mont Blanc Merger Associates" whichdoes not show up in my Dogpile search. Canadians trying to sell more paper to the US by sendingscam faxes? Good ole' Thomas Johnson was my Senior Vice-President contact.
We've received 6 faxes from them starting in June.
got the same fax.  googling the fax # brings up ottowa haunted walks(613) 232-0344  fax the junk back to their main number for fun!
We received the same thing with the exact same story. Maybe you can just take your number off their Fax List.  It's annoying how they're able to get information regarding the company.  Maybe Ontario Inc should be more secure no?
I received this fax and followed up with a phone call from the "Chairman" or some such nonsense.  His name was Harvery Marcus.This is an absolute scam.  The trick is to get you to purchase (for around $20K) their services to prepare you for the 'sale'.  Note, there is no history of this company ever making a sale and the 'buyer' is connected to them.I would suggest everyone call them and ask them how they feel about being scam artists....:)
I got a fax from "Canadian Equity Partners" with this phone number attached to it.The fax was from Jonathan Walton, VP of Canadian Equity Partners.
These idiots sent a FAX informing my whole staff that they want to buy us out.
I also got it this morning.What type of scam is this? Has anybofy followed up on this?
Got a fax from Jonathan Walton claiming that they want to buy us. There is no address or website listed. Anyone know about this?
we got a similar fax as well. I don't know what kind of a scam this is, but it sure as hell smells like one.
Its BS. i called and they called me back. When I asked who they were and what there website address is, they hung up. pretty amateurish
no messages was left.
Just received a call from this number, didn't answer.
Apparently, they are calling 604 numbers today and asking if I am a Stephen Harper supporter. I told her to take my number off the list. Bollocks!
Very irritating that they hide the name behind their phone number..."6136679148" is the Conservative Party of Canada.  Too embarrassed to admit who their are they they call cap in hand asking for donations...

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