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This is just an unknown number to me & quickly after the call comes in to my cell it's as if the caller just hangs up. It barely rings once before it's disconnected.I get these calls mainly when I'm at work when I only expect calls on my cell if something is wrong with someone in my family. We recently lost my brother-in-law in a car accident & everyone knows to just text me. I want these calls to stop!!!!
Got 4 calls from - one from this #, one from 614-729-6041, another from 614-212-7506, and the last from 913-563-5509 with 4 hrs. NO MESSAGE LEFT.All said WFNNB on call ID. My dtr has a VS card - guess they want her, but since they didn't leave a message...........enough already!
They called me 6 times in 5 minutes!
if u didnt know thats bowwow number then u have serious issues....... im eleven years old and i can tell you that!!!
it is his number cuz i text him  last night
WOW! I got my first call this morning from 614-729-6035.  It is a WFNNB number as well.  Those comments go along with this page and I'm sure they'd be willing to join up in a class action.  If you don't have a card through them, I'd definitely look in to why they are calling you.  Your credit is too important these days to risk.
Is there a charge for calling the phone number?
this is bow wow number cause i called his okay you bitchs
I too, get calls from this number, constantly! I opened an account with Victoria Secrets and made the first payment when it came in then never again recieved another bill. So I went to the mall to get my account number (I cut the card up when I got it, becuase I didnt want the card just the initial 20% off) and they wouldn't help me. They never speak when I do answer and dont answer when I try to contact them. Ive noticed my credit is going bad because of this. So, beware of getting a credit card through them. They're not good business people. I have no way of finding out my account number and am going to have to obtain an attorney to get this straightened out. . . Best of Luck to all!
Bowwow what is your real number
I do not have a Victoria's Secret or Lane Bryant Card and I keep getting these stupid phone calls, beginning in the morning and all the way thru till 9:13 p.m. has been the latest call. No one ever leaves a message. I even had 3 missed calls from them on Thanksgiving......I doubt they wanted to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving... I am all for the Class Action suit, to many rights have been violated by these people. I understand wanting to collect a debt, but I DON'T HAVE ANY CREDIT CARDS SO STOP CALLING ME!!!!!
hi bowwow  its sally i like your videos.
shad can i have your cell number a4m4
i think is good tat bow wow fanz can call and leave him ah meaasge but bow wow i think u should sometimez answer i wan hurr u talk and not ur answerin machaine luv ya bowow
i think its kool for him to have the say now number for his fans to reach him. my 8 year old niece and 7 year old son calls it all the time and it really makes them feel like theyre in touch with one of their fav artists! 614-360-1668! HIT HIM ON HIS SAY NOW!
Yup, they've got me too!  I also have a Victorias Secret account.  However, the cell phone they are calling is not mine!!!
That's is NOT Bow Wow's number. That's his SAY NOW NUMBER, not his personal.
it is bowows number he says anns sings his number on marco polo
What a jack***, does this for money to sent it to people like BIN LADEN and Friends.  Calls my daughter thats 13 while at school.  \\LOCK HIM UP.. Supplys money to terrorists.  scum bag bid laden lover..
that sucks when I call i want u to answer!PLEASE answer BYE(^_^)

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