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I ordered the iRenew bracelet and got numerous calls like this yesterday.  When I called back they were trying to offer me gas vouchers for enrolling in some "discount program".  I told them I was not interested and hung.  Then today I received 4 missed calls all within 3 hours from them, not a single left message.  I called it back and was able to be put on the company DNC list simply through the phone prompt, didn't need to talk to someone.
Answered the call. They have the last four numbers of my VISA. They said they would mail me 120.00 in gas cards that I could keep regardless of whether or not I join the program. I would then be billed 2.95 for my 30 day trail. The info that would come in the mail would offer me discounts at restaurants, activities, lodgings and so forth. I can have this great deal for 29.95 a month. Basically, they want my card number hoping I forget my 30 day trail and they can bill me 29.95.They have my address and were going to send me this package. I asked them not to..told her I wasn't interested and she was stunned.This number showed up continuously on my caller ID as "order confirmation." I asked how she got my information and she said it was from something I ordered on my VISA. Very deceptive as it wasn't a confirmation of anything I ordered from them.
Yup-I got 4 calls from this number in one day (the last one was at 10:08pm...WAY too late!!) ... i won't even answer their call...and no message! what the heck??!!
I have received at least 8 calls in the last two days from 616 980 1293.  The caller gives some c**k and bull story about Vista Marketing and about me purchasing something from them recently.  They have the last 4 digits of my cc and want to sell me $120 dollars worth of gas for $2.95.  I know they only want the rest of my cc number  so they can load it up.  If I hang up they call right back.  I no longer answer or if I do answer mistakenly, I just lay the phone down and let them drone on without any response from me.
Same Here how do we get rid of them
Ive received 4 calls from this same number in the last 4 hours, havent answered but they don't leave a message either. The only thing I can think of is I have applied for several jobs online lately, and posted my resume online as well, so maybe that is where they got the cell number.
They called me 5 times today within 15 minutes of each other. They left no message and did some repeatedly while I was at work. I called back upon getting off only to get put to an answering machine saying they were trying to get a hold of me to deliver my package. I have not ordered anything recently nor should I have a package. I left a message for them stating this. We will see what happens. I believe this to be yet another telemarketing company trying to scam us out of personal information. This has just been getting worse and worse lately, and the sad thing is I am on the national do not call list and have requested my cell phone carrier never to share my personal information.
This number started calling my cell phone today. This evening they kept calling every 15 minutes. When I answer there is no one there. When I called the number back all I get is a recording saying they are calling to confirm my order. Like everyone else has said-I have no order with anyone. I did block them from my cell phone just now-hoping this works.
Same story here, started a couple of days ago. They usually call right on the top of the hour, when i answer no one there, and no voice msg either.
I received a call at my work number that was from a very snotty male talking about a recent Visa or Master Card purchase I made and a rebate I was entitled to.   I told him not call me, and he said he will cb in 30 minutes and then hung up.
They, ORDER CONFI, 616 980 1293, starting calling my home 3 days ago.  I do not answer & They do not leave a message... ... They have called numerous, TOO MANY, times every day!!!???Who are they??????
Got TWO call this morning alone on my cell - only answered one... the rude male gave me the last 4 of my CC and said he was calling about it and would not talk to me till I identified myself.... I told him HE was calling ME on MY phone and he could bite me until he would say exactly what the hell he wanted and how he got my number. Obviously this is a telemarketer of some sort and they are violating laws. I'm calling my CC co right now and telling them I do NOT appreciate them sharing my info.
I work nights and these idiots called at 8am on Sunday and today as well.  I put them on my blocked call list and lo and behold, another call came through from the same number.  They said they are calling about an order I placed which is bull since I haven't ordered a thing from anyone lately. They don't identify their company name in the whole message = SCAMMERS!
i would like to know too, as they have called 3 times today. how did they get my cell number? and did they leave you a voicemail?
I keep receiving calls on my cell phone from this do they get my cell number.  Never leave a message and no one is ever on the line if I do answer???????
They say that they want to give away a gas card....I asked them to give me information on how they got my number and such, however they wouldnt go into further detail.
I'm just starting to get calls from this number.  Other callers are breaking every law in the book--i.e., calls going to family and 3rd parties that just know MY NAME!  HARRASSING, some of them.  This is a "new" one, just starting, and I think it's the same company, different number.  So far they have called at least these 2 dates/times:  9:16 AM-06-12-10; 8:07 PM-06-11-10.  (Kinda think they were over the PM time limit on that last one.)  I say "at least 2 times," as they could have called several times in the same day, and my phone will overwrite the previous call and show only the latest call.  A similar number with a difference in the last 4 digits has called: 1:53 PM-06-02-10 from 616-980-7365.  Does anyone know who it might be?
Just happened to me as well.  Jiffy Lube last week.  Call from this number today on my cell but no one on the line.  Hung up after 10 seconds.  Very annoying.
Yep...I am another Jiffy Lube victim of the follow up call. I think I have the answer though, as Jiffy Lube is pretty convenient to where I live. I think everytime these knuckleheads call, just tell them it was terrible, everything from the customer service, to the actual oil change...tell them it took 4 hours to get it done, maybe the calls will stop if they arent getting the reviews they are hoping
Called and left no message.  Caller ID says "IO Data Corp".

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