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Never leaves a message.  Calls on Sunday, which is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act. Calls more than three times a day, somedays.
The deal with these companies is they buy up old debt that has been written off by companies or have gone through legal bankrupcy(illegal to start with)for pennies on the dollar; then they try to collect.  This is the reason they can offer reduced collections.  Once a bill is past your state statue of limitations for collections it cannot be collected on UNLESS you answer one of these calls and verify your name.  Then the time clock starts over and reactivates the collection.  Also, after 7 years these fall off your credit rating; if reactiavated it goes back to your credit rating.  I have written my state senater and the ACLU regarding this illegal business dealings.  Trans Union recently sold hundres of thousands of bankrupcy names to the collections agencies.  In order to stop this we need mass amounts of letters to your local government and the ACLU (125 Broad St, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004) to get better laws and financial punishments to the collection agencies when they break the laws and also to the financial institutions who are selling your private information.  One good way to punish the collection agencies is have a law put into place (with no loop holes) that they would have to pay the state they are trying to collect in 10X the amount they say is due; if the collection amount is past due the state statue of limitations.  I would think the states would jump all over this since most of them are in dire need of extra funds.  This is a billion dollar business to the collection agencies.  Another thing is that these collection agencies do not have to prove to you that you owe the amount.  I have asked them in the past to send me the proof of owing the amount and have been told point blank that legally they do not have to submit this information to me.  I have to prove to them I do not owe.  The only way to do this is to take them to court which could cost thousands of dollars.  The laws should speciafically state that in order to collect they need to provide all the material proving that you owe the monies.
Called twice with no message
1-620-622-8870.  Don't know who they are and really don't care.  This is the second BOGUS call that has shown up on my daughters prepay phone.  A number that has no personal information attached to it at all and since she's only 10, I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any debt to pay anyone.  Her number has been on the do-not-call list almost 2 years.
I also am being harassed by these people. What's good are harassment laws when they are not enforced!
I also am being harassed by these people. What's good are harassment laws when they are not enforced!
If you are getting their annoying calls on your cell... look into getting this software for your cell phone ( You can block as many numbers as you want and your phone doesn't even ring. I have had it for 2-3 years and I love it. Good luck to getting some peace.
thank you, JB. i'm sick of portfolio breaking the law with these nuisance calls.
they called again. screw 'em.
I created an entry on my cell called BC (for bill collector) and assigned it to silent/no ring. Every  time they get a new # i add it to the contact. i get 5 or 6 entries per contact and make BC2, BC3, & so on. Doesn't matter if it's portfolio or not. I have spoken with them in the past and Portfolio Recovery has always been polite and courteous to me. they will try and set up auto pay arrangements like any other bill collector though. they will also make reduced deals with you if you have the money.
left message stating they had problems with the check I submitted for the medical then cut off and did not finish.  I don't use checks.
PRAA.  They call for no reason.  I hope they get shut down.  NUMBER BLOCKED.
They keep calling never a message.
Spread the word...Post where you can....NEW PHONE PORN NUMBER 620-662-8870We can drown them with calls.
This is another office of Portfolio Recovery. I GET their calls from up to 5 800 numbers.They now figure Ill pick up my cell phone calls from an un-blocked Kansas number. I moved the home phone (ported) which they bothered me on to a cell phone with NO I just ignore any strange calls now. They have never used the mail over 5 years to tell me that I owe a debt so there is no need to talk to them anyway. The other solution if u cant move your landline to a cell then get call forwarding to a cell phone during the day that has no voicemail. Most of us know the good numbers to pick up on....and then they cant leave messages when u do this and then screen your calls when you return to the home phone.The less messages they can leave eat up all their time. I have noticed after a few weeks they have stopped calling everyday. Now it once or twice a week this system will reduce their calls to you.
They always call me with different numbers! and they never leave a message. I'll keep ignoring their calls.
That idiot keeps calling  me. I'm sick of this s**t!
Portfolio Recovery has a new number
Thank for the info!
most of these companies have dozens of numbers in reserve

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