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I received a call from this number at 2.56am this morning.  Needless to say I didnt answer it as I was asleep ...
Great website, having the same problem with this ph nu too. Very annoying. Not sure if this will shed any light on it but I work in a call centre myself and when we get o/seas calls they always pop up on caller id as coming from W.A.
Got a call from them today. When I answered I could hear someone on the other end but they didn't speak to me. It sounded quite busy in the background.
Thanks for this website... I have just started receiving mobile calls from 0862102300.
I have up to 10 calls a day from 086210300 and 0894244700.  They drive me insane.  I'm in Brisbane and can't work out how or who has my number.  I have missed calls on weekends and late at night from this number.  I'm f***kin furious.
Call your telephone company, and any other phone companies you can find in your area, and tell them your receiving nuisance calls from these numbers. Even if you only receive one per day, or have even only received one call, report it. Telstra will, if able, trace the number of a nuisance caller, contact them and ask that they stop calling your number or legal action will be taken. Surely, even if they cant do this with these numbers, if all the telecommunications companies have as many people calling THEM daily, as there are people on this site complaining about being called, either the company/people responsible will be found, or, the phone companies themselves will be so swamped with complaints that someone, somewhere is going to find out who it is.I've received about a dozen calls now over a couple of weeks, but as I'm in Perth, the numbers didnt appear unusual to me. I managed to answer one call from the (08)6210 2300 number yesterday, but due to a fault with my phone, I wasn't able to get her details as the static kept drowning her out. From what I could hear though, she sounded young, well spoken and didnt have an Indian accent. She asked for me by name but as I didn't quite catch who she said she was, or where she was calling from, I asked her to repeat herself. She just asked again if she was speaking to - my name -. I said "sorry, could you speak up I have a bad line" she said something else, I repeated myself which seemed to irritate her as she said "Dont worry, I'll just call you back"  I started to tell her not to bother as its my phone line, not just a bad connection, but she just hung up. That, I thought was a little odd, considering her polite, well spoken manner until I asked her to repeat herself several times. She, well the same number did call back about five minutes later but I didnt't bother answering this time. The same number called again at close to 6pm, which I felt was also a little odd as its usually close of business by then. I didnt answer. I've had one call from the 9424 4700 number today at 12pm. I didnt answer, due to faulty phone...still.... but didn't realise until I found this site that these numbers were connected. I have a mobile with Optus and haven't recieved any calls from these numbers, only had them on my land line which is through AAPT. I did have an Indian lady call me at 6.30pm a couple of nights ago asking for me by name, again, couldn't hear her very well due to phone static, and her accent, but she was saying something about, a promotion, and giving me a free, brand new mobile phone, all I had to do was pay for the call, or calls, not sure. I asked a couple of times for her to repeat who she was but she kept just saying the same thing about the promotion and free phone, I got annoyed and hung up. Sounded sus anyway. No such thing as a free lunch (or phone). Unfortunately not sure what number that was from.
Just got a call on my mobile from this number 08 6210 2300. Obviously no answer when I asked who it was.......
This might be a useful link:
This number has called me 3 times in the past day and a half....its driving me nuts!
This mystery person has also been calling me regularly, and hangs up as soon as I answer (though it sounds like there's someone there in the background)! Whatever shall we do?!!
it happened to me too today!62102300who is that?
Got a call at 7:42am today. Did not answer as I do not answer numbers I do not recognise. And just then had another missed call from 9424 4700 which is also another number listed on this website as fraudulent.
Same just engaged when I call back.
I also recieved a call from this number minutes ago. Although when i answered, whoever it was hung up on me! Rude - but now they know my number is valid, so it was not all that pointless. Yesterday, I recieved a missed call from another 08 number. I found it unusual that it was always engaged too when i tried to return the call.
Received a call today 29.1.08 from 0862102300 asking if I want to change back to Telstra, I am already with telstra, they were canvassing from a database. Because we get a lot of calls on our unlisted number I asked his name "Richard" and Telstra Id "7834" which when checked with Telstra on 132200 was advised that the number is not a Telstra number.
Same here ... everyday without fail
Yep, calls a lot, always engaged on recall
sorry, shouldn't have typed vodafone in!
I have gotten this call too
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