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Reverse Phone Check:

im from SG also i just missed a call from this number today oct 8, 2010, ill try to call citi and standard later
received 2 missed calls from this number. one last week and one today. based on the input here.... guess must be some telemarketeer too...
I just got a missed call from the same number...I tot telemarketeers usually number wont come out rite
Yup..i confirm its from price solutions direct for standard chartered bank.the caller promoting the bank's credit card
It's the number of Price Solutions, the telemarketing arm of Standard Chartered
got this missed call last evening ~8pm, don't know who is it, 62382994, sgp
Sept 15th 2010 received 2 calls. I think don't call back. Might be a scam like they will earn something when we call or what. Like those 1900 paid-lines
It's irritating and costly. I'm sure someone out there should know who the caller is....HEEELP!
got a missed call from this number today sept 6 2010 also. Does anyone know where this call is coming from? Tried to call the number back but it's disconnecting.
It's telemarketing line from a bank. Anyone know which bank?
Just got a miss call from this number today. Since so many people got the call, I think it must be some spams...
Me too, just today received, call back can't get thro'
me too two calls fr 62382994 separate days. saw this page and not picking up lo...
Some kind of spam?
I have got a missed call from this number when i am overseas (in Msia) on 19 Aug 10. (number showed on my mobile was +0126562382994).FromPL in Singapore
They have called me about 7 times today. I had finals at school and the called relentlessly. I answered it once and it was a man asking for "Amber" no professional calls and asks for my by first name. I have never had that happen before. I answered and said that "she" was unavailable and she would be later on tonight, then I asked what it was regarding and he hung up on me. They have called three times since 5 pm. I actually panicked a little and went online to pay my payment for this month (which was NOT late).
When these jerks call you back, just call the main switch board at ( 224-405-5649) and explain to the secretary what has been going on and you need to talk to someone. She was nice enough to switch me to a voice mail to leave a message. Oh yea, the company is located in Riverwood, Illinois.Spread the number around. If enough people call and complain, perhaps they will stop calling us poor sob's.No, i don't have there card and don't want it.The best i can do right know.
Dont call me
They call me many times per day. We need to report to FBI to stop this calling.

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