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i just hope the someone can stop peoople from sending text messages like the one i got these people have not life or heart and need help or jail time
they know alot about me and its freaking me out
this number will not stop calling my phone over and over again.for f*** sakes
Two text First text-"Hey Loser!"Second text-"You cant texet me back????????"The text was blank so I don't know who it was I had to look it up on my verizon account, but only got the last 4 digits 6245. Who is this and how did they get my number?
The text message I recieved from this 4 digit number was extremely disturbing. I think I know who it was but I need proof to be able to do anything about it. For instance, press charges for harrassment. Can you please help me identify the caller. Thank you
I got 2 texts one of which said my CU West account was closed. Visit us at Another text said my account was closed and actually gave me a 1-888 # to call..I didn't call. I don't have an acount w/CU West.
I got this abusive text earlier that said, "You are a f***ing loser, you need to take a shower, you will never get laid, go f*** yourself" so I sent a text back that I would rather not repeat, but this is sick and needs to be dealt with immediately! By the way, the subject said "Garry Knighton"
My Phone report online said that im sending this number messages, but they are not on my phone????
i got this message too...heyy, i heard about u, and i wanted to say hey! uh i'm shy, so why not come to talk to me online. i got a profile @ if u like
the text i got said something about my banking account being frozen and it had the address to go to for help.
get 2 know u
i want to know is this person.
Got a text from them:You're 1 of 3 WINNERS goto
The text message I received says this---> heyy, i heard about u, and i wanted to say hey! uh i'm shy, so why not come to talk to me online. i got a profile @ if you like ***************************************************************************this messages doesnt even show its nunmber neither the name of who is sending this,,, so i just don't get it!!! who the heck was? and how did he/she knows my number???
SECU Subject :SECUSchlumberger Employees CU Alert!Possible unautorized access.  TOLLFREE:1-(877)-514-3383
The text message I received says this (without the Message Begin/End notations):--Message Begin--bianca@inteccorp.comI just seen Louise's new site WOW it's End--The website is spam trying to sell Viagra knockoffs.I looked up the website's information and here's who it's registered to:Domain Name      : amongcoast.comPunnyCode        : amongcoast.comRegistrant:  Name           : HUYINSHI  Organization   : HUYINSHI  Address        : HANJIANGLU121  City           : bangbushi  Province/State : anhuisheng  Country        : china  Postal Code    : 233062  Phone Number   : 86-0552-25632014  Fax            : 86-0552-25632014  Email          : huyinshi@sohu.cnHope this info is helpful to someone.
Got a text from this number trying to get me to visit some site. The reply I sent back was not very nice :)
someone says they got my cell num. from my dad and my home num. from one of my friends.
telling me to check out a site that doesnt exist> mark(dot)textfame(dot)com
Received a text message from this number.

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