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calls and hangs up!
I just sent a note to the chariman of the FCC complaining about them...  it's a real  pain...  hopefully they will take action...
Calling all the time and you answer the phone and they hang up!
caller said they were from advisor magazine and needed to verify our info.  told her everything is the same but they still need to verify it.
10/15/2010 12:37pm Caller ID: PECONIC BAY M 631-775-8352 - DEAD AIR CALL TO LINE 1. Research found this website: to request placement on their in-house DO NOT CALL list. I immediately completed the request.
they call & call but hang up as soon as you answer. one time i picked up without answering and a girl on the other end was rudely repeating hello. this need to stop. I run a business and don't gave time for pranks
i get two calls from this number every day. really really annoying!
keep calling me, when I answer, they just hang up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just googled 6317758352 and this post came up... its been calling me for months at least 1 time to 2 times a day as well. and hang up when you answer, you cant call them back Either!!! So annoying! I am glad to se that im not alone on this! just wish it would stop!
has anyone gone to the website listed here and tried to get on their "no call" list. i want to but am afraid it will somehow backfire and i will actually get more calls from them or someone else! we have only had our new number for a month and it was the first number that called within a matter of hours. now we get a call at least once a day, sometimes more. if anyone has had success with the do not call list please let us know!
try going to
Same problem with Peconic Bay.  I did a shallow search on Google and found only a winery and a medical centre.I'm new to the US, so don't know the facilities.  I hope I can find some way to block the number.It's ridiculous - it hangs up, so there's no content at all.
Yes, it's happened to me every night this week - same number 634-885-8352. I can't seem to block the number but it is getting ridiculous - they hang up as soon as i answer too. What is up with that?
Same Here! It's getting very annoying!
I receive calls from Peconic Bay M. once or twice a day. It's been 10 months. I have no business with them or in need of there services. I would like like to find contact info to tell them to stop. I just get silence and a disconnect from them.
people get a life.
This number has appeared on my caller ID many times and I have the same issues - the noise, hanging up - etc.  Today it was a woman from the Breast Cancer Coalition.  We give to charities - and this is what you get - 1000 of calls.
Received a call today around 12:30.  The man on the phone did not identify himself or the organization and hung up abruptly after behaving rudely toward my husband.
I have received repeated calls from this number saying they are calling from NY Breast Cancer Foundation asking for continued donations and I have  asked them to stop calling and they call right back. The caller says her name is Dawn and sounds like she's calling from a calling center.
This numbers continues to call me every day at different points during the day.  No message is left and I refuse to answer the call.

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