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3rd time. i picked up the call.AIA insurance telemarketeer. i suspect they even have my home address because i received a christmas card from AIA, which i do not have anything with. one more time and i'm going to lodge a complaint.
got it too this morning, 9.19am. missed the call because was working. couldn't be bothered to call back since i googled the number and found this site.
Hey me too from Singapr, today morning I got miss call frm this same No. Wen i cal back for 3 times, no one answer- I m scard may b I miss a Intervw call. Thnk for ur Reports.
I too received the missed call from this number.. thanks for your experience..
Keep getting this calls! When will they just leave us alone? My number is just for real important stuff! Get a life!
Got a call from this number too but no one picks up when I call back.
i also received a missed call from them, i hate all these marketeers despite my constant reminder to take me off the database
Just missed a call from this number. Obviously a telemarketeer, seeing as so many other people have complained here
oh ic, i got this number twice and no one answer when i call back too, huh.
same thing mentioned...called me up during work time..>>didn't answer because I'm busy.called back but no answer...
Thanks guys, I usually dun pick up numbers I dun recognise unless I have a good feeling abt it. This one just came in ten minutes ago. I'm not calling 'whoever' back!
This number call me twice already and always not answering when i pcik up the phone. I tried to call but no one answered.
me too..
i also got it... try to called back but no answer...
AIA insurance
I got a all from this missed call from this number. Called back and no answer.
i got it too. some s**tter trying to promote some sp student bursary. i asked for webbie she say dun have need meet up. meet my a**.
I also got this call from 63298424 at 10.55am today. There was no answer when I caled back.Caller ID: 63298424
I also got this missed call from 63298424 today. Not sure who it is as I never called back. I'm from Singapore. Seems like the number has been calling around. Telemarketeer perhaps?
who is it ?

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