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By now you all know this is a Collections Agency calling you. These people are doing their job, like you do, every day, but they are simply trying to get hold of a person to pay an overdue bill. If you would just answer the phone ONCE and find out if it is for YOU or NOT, it would really help out. Because, if it is NOT for you, let them know. Then they can remove the number from their database, DUH! Unfortunately, if you've had one agency call you, you'll have more due to the person who previously had your number. If so, then REPEAT. If it is for YOU, it is your OWN doing, just pay the bill and they won't call anymore. Again, DUH!
Just got a call from this # pretending that they were from the gym New York Sports Club where I am a member.  She said that my Visa card on file was invalid and would I update my card. Sounded fishy so I told them no I would rather do it in person and googled the phone#.  Be careful! Don't give out any information!
Idiot called looking for my sister in law, told him he had the wrong number.  Told me she used me as a reference.  Told him I doubt that, and I'm not telling her you called, don't call back, so they called back the next day.  SSDD.  This time told him unpoitely to never call again.  He is with a collections agency.  Had Sis call them anyway, they said she applied with them and had they had wrong number, she never applied with them, they had the wrong person, looked her up online, found I was a relative and despite being on every do not call list known to man decided it was ok to harrass me.  Please feel free to mess with these people everytime they call.
They called me once and I did not answer, looked up number and here I am. They called me as I was reading everyones replies. They told me that my 'Cross Country' account was seriously past due, I stopped her in her tracks and told her if she calls me again I will sue for harassment because they are harassing alot of people that dont have cards. She tld me 'I was confused'....LOL!! I told her she was dazed and confused because I have never had a credit card from any company.
looking for a relative, keeps calling me
Bekow is the management from Nars.ManagementChristopher H. BuehrlePresidentGregory A. CappaExecutive Vice PresidentMichael V. JuniewiczSenior Vice President, Financial OperationsDavid OwenbySenior Vice President, OperationsDirk MenzelVice President, Information TechnologyVincent KoVice President, Client Services
I got a call from these people.  these people were really rude and i told them when they learn to speak to people and identify themselves before anyone is going to give them any information,    do not waste your time talking to these people, if they have something to say let them put it in writing
They called and asked for my EX-WIFE. We have an unlisted number in my current wife's name. How's that for obnoxious?
oooooh...Gemma this is my situation. I fulfilled my year contract with them, then called to cancel memership...THEN they notified me that I must either come in person to cancel or write with 30 days notice to cancel. Ugh...give me a break...I told them no. I fulfilled my end of the contract. Then I blocked them from my automatic payments through checking. Now they are harrassing me. Want to squeeze an extra $200 out of me. Give me a break. The only worry I have is can they report this to a credit bureau? Otherwise I'll just ignore them. I have nearly perfect credit and I would hate for this to screw it up.
I've just been informed by a representative from Town Sports International (they own and operate the New York Sports Club chain as well as ones in Boston, Philly, and DC) that NARS--National Asset Recovery Service--is their internal collection agency. If you've ever tried to cancel membership with these people, it's like canceling from AOL once was--a nightmare. So if you're receiving calls from these NARS people and have some past association with the gym, this could explain the calls. It's possible that they subcontract to others, but they were described as an "internal" collection agency for Town Sports.
They keep calling me, I told them no one by that name is at this number, they told me they will put me on a do not call list but a week or so later they call back. They asked for my full name and address and I told them I was not giving them that information over the phone but I would gladly file a compliant with the FCC and get a lawyer and sue them.
Just got called this morning. I dont even have any debt so how can someone sell something i dont even have??? I didnt answer b/c i didnt know the number.
This is NARS or National Asset Recovery Services...they are a debt collection agency.
I've been getting calls for weeks.  I never answered because I've read about how obnoxious they can be.  They were looking for the previous renter when they left a message.  I had enough and called back at 888-754-0373.  I simply told the guy I was not who they were looking for.  He asked me for the phone number and my name (only gave my first) and whether or not I knew who they were looking for.  I told him I didn't.  He asked to verify my address (only gave him my street and number, no state or zip).  He apologized for the inconvenience and said my number would be removed from the list.  Call quick!!!  Maybe you'll get the same operator.Maybe there is hope
They been calling me alot to the point they contacted my father who lives in a diffrent state! They been telling me If I do not pay them they will ganish my wages and even sued me.I'm so pisst of ....Can they realize that the economy is hurting us..I would like to pay them but I'm just not able too at this period of my life!
I just purchased a new cell phone and subsequently received a new phone# with it. Within a few days after activating my new phone line, I started to get an automated call asking for a person whose name I have never heard of and have no association with. I called the number back and told them that I do not know this person. They were very rude and asked me for my name so that they can document who called. I told the woman on the phone that I would not give my name because I do not know them. They said they needed it so that they can remove my phone#. Of course, I gave them a bogus name and she was very sarcastic when she repeated "my name". She said that my request will be "taken care of". We'll see...
This company has called me every day for the last month looking for someone who has the same last name as I but who I have no connection with nor ever have.I can not make them understand I do not know the person or get them to stop calling me.
Got a call from this number and answered it and was immediately put on hold.Yes, that's right. They call you and put you on hold.So like any sane person would do I hung up.
Said his name was Al and left an extention number.
I just started receiving calls from this number.  I did not answer because I don't know anyone out of state.  Calls were received:6/16/08 12:40pm Mon6/17/08 12:47pm Tue6/17/08 4:37pm TueCaller id says "Missouri".I also received a call from 717-406-1868 on 6/13/08.  I mention this because, like I mentioned, I don't ever receive calls from out of state so to have calls from two different states so close together is really strange.The only thing new in my life is that I got married on 6/7/08 and my name changed.I also registered to vote on 6/2/08.I am a realtor so my phone number is published.I live in Kentucky.Does anyone share any of these things in common?  Maybe we got onto some list somewhere.

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