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Reverse Phone Check:

Yeah i just got missed calls too.. so irritating.. so, does it mean they route the number from phi number to sg number then to our mobile no.?
i got it too. must be frm stan chrt
Just received 3 calls from the same number..First two times, no voice. Third time they told me that they are calling from stan chart, loans..(Singapore)
I also have received missed calls from this same number 64279000 from different times of the days.  Noticed it is more during weekdays.  And when I tried to call back the line is always busy.  Anyone knows who this number belongs to?
Got a call from this number just a moments ago, didn't pick up though.
just got the call, its from Standard Chartered bank offering loan.
I too got call from this no and when i call back and it is engaged. can someone investigate?
Yes, same here. Tried calling back and always engaged.
Yes I also have been receiving this call since the last 4 days and everytime I call back its engaged. I am concerned.
Ya Called hung within secs.
i just received a call from this no.  a few minutes agoseems fishyi didnt answer ... pheww..
I also got the call in the afternoon, nv pick up tho. i think is cold calls for this bank's credit card, I got these calls before where it is engaged when call back. And there is once i answered, asking me to sign credit card or need loans. cant remember if it's same number.
Yes i have received calls from the same number. It is engaged when you call back.
Got the same call from this number few times and drop call when i answer..I still thought it was my phone giving me problem?!!
Got a missed call on my mobile,tried calling back many times but line is always engaged.I wonder where they got my mobile number from?
Called my cell phone and hung up when I answered.

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