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OK - now when you DON'T answer - they try again using 555-000-0000 - isn't this a real piece of s**t for a company????
This number just called and asked for the owner of the company.  I asked, "who may I say is calling?"  The gentleman (and I use that term loosely) sighed and said, "nevermind, ma'am", and then hung up.  So rude, so strange.
I got a call from this number but they asked for the owner of the compnay that use to have this #. We have had this new number for about 3 weeks and we keep getting calls and faxes for Pipper Exterminator. This woman was rude after I said that this was not Pipper she just hung up on me. When I tried to call the number back it tells me the mail box is full.
The PAYDAYONPHONE is a scam and should be REPORTED to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General... I think a CLASS ACTION SUIT is warranted!!
yeah got me to, talk so fast, switch you over someone else evade questions you try to ask, had 2 calls in a week 2nd call got me over tired, not thinking, but so far my acct is ok, chaned everything so they will be stopped
Same thing happened to me.   Didnt hear all he details because the man spoke with an accent and very fast.   This is what I made out:-$2500 credit line-$99 fee-goto the website and type in my phone # as my log on and I will receive all the information neededThis doesnt make any sense to me at all.   The website has no spot to log onto either.  This has scam written all over it.   They take $99 out of ur account and leave you broke and silly.
where is my payday  loan  they call this morning
where is my payday  loan  they call this morning
they called me today from and tried to convince me that I was approved too.  I gave them the wrong information to get a feel for what they were talking about, and they hung up on me.
Said they were a payday loan so I gave them all my information......tried to call them machine full....don't be stupid like me
They did me the same way! Im thinking about suing them for fraud.
They called me and said they were a payday company called, and then they started talking about a credit card called Horizon, and they took $29.95 out of my checking account to get this online shopping credit card, and I did not approve it.  Now I am overdrawn by $21.10 and am going to have to argue with my bank in the morning.
this called and stated that they were a loan company and when trying to call this number I get no answer I want to cover myself and my account to make sure this is not a fraudulent company or number. Need assistance with this.
i need to know who called me from this nuber about a loan im very pissed and some one better do something quick or else!
they call me for a payday loan
They called me and said I had applied for a pay day loan. I had. They also said that 10 minutes after they hung up to go their website and I would get the confirmation number for the loan and I could verify that all info was correct. I went to the website which was yet another application form NOT a confrimation number. I was told that I had already been approved and on top of everything else, they wanted to charge me a " one time fee" of $99.00 to use their service and receive coupons online. WELL, here it is 2 days later, no money, rent due and no coupons either. so, I have not seen a charge to my account yet but if I do I will be stopping it. I have been calling them for 2 days now and either get a full mailbox or no terrible to take advantage of desperate people.
They called and said that I applied for a payday loan which I did because my rent was due. I gave them my information because I was desparated for the money so I won't get kicked out. So I need to know if this was a fraud.
pretending to be payday loan company.  Left this number for me to call and cancel...NO ANSWER
Keep getting this call in our office and when I answer they hang up!

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