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I got a text from 65105 referring me to a “cheats” website which doesn’t seem to exist but I found you guys, after reading some of your horror stories I think I will ask the mobile company to check it out and stop them. Obviously something shady going on
Hey I found this  site
I did as Lisa  saud    The number is 08000 988 505.  They have just refunded me the £18.00 my son ran up - very helpful - no questions asked and they have blocked his number now so it can't be done again thay also told  me I could have  text stop to 65105 to
I want these calls/info stopped please
I Don't usually look at my bill because it is always the same, but I have just notice this has been going on for 3 months!!! Will check from now on.
My sons has jsut run up a £60 phone bill from this number and I have no idea what is it for - can someone please let me know the helpline number to call?ThanksJules
I have just found the same messages on my sons phone, luckily only £9 but i did the stop message and rang up the numberI have to admit I am very impressed with the service for the refund. No questions asked and immediate refund.Thanks for the advice
I found texts on my daughter's phone from this number. The texts did not contain anything useful - just advertising saying "text us the name of a game and we will send you cheats". She did, however, get charged £27 for that.I texted STOP as suggested here, and by return a free helpline number was texted back, along with confirmation that she was unsubscribed.I called the help number and they confirmed that her mobile number had been entered into a website a month ago. They then refunded the charges to my Paypal account, and blocked the number for me. I was not expecting getting a refund or fixing this problem to be so simple. The refund arrived as quick as it took me to refresh my Paypal page.It is worth following this kind of thing up. We suspect it was a friend of my daughter who entered her number, but honestly, charging £4.50 a pop for sending advertising texts with nothing useful in, is very dodgy.
Got charged £4.50 for a text. Does anyone know who or what it was for?
So far, I am unsuccessful at stopping the Lupus calls.  I tried Quest (3 separate calls--Dan, Rusty and Brian--- to Customer Service) but they each said to dial *78 and/or *60 and/or the Quest Annoyance # for Call Rejection service update.  When I did the *78, I was told via automation that my Call Rejection service was "on" and to return to the main menu.  There was no way to add the number I wanted to block.  Then when I tried *60 I was told via automation that in order for my call rejection service to be on, I needed to add a number to block.  Yea!  I added the number and they said that number was not blockable.  Quest Annoyance was also automated and did not work.Very frustrating and now I'm mad at Quest, too.Maybe I'll have to try getting the Star Trib Fix-It people involved.
They have called us so many times I cannot keep track. Sometimes they will call several times a day. It's gone on for months. I only picked up once or twice in the beginning when I didn't know who it was. When I did, they said they were the Lupus Foundation.BEWARE. THEY ARE RELENTLESS
They are a business charity.  Looking at their web site and the IRS form 990.  Page 1  They took in 1,313,403  in donations and other income and spent 1,095,689 of it on salaries and marketing last year.... 83% of your donation going to harrasing phone calls and salaries and the rest (the program ratio) <17% going to the actual thing they say they do. $93,000 on the form.   An efficient charity spends at least 75% on the thing they do... not salaries and marketing!
I have been promised by a "manager" at least 5 times that they would take me off their call list. I appreciate charities, but this is harrassment.
I have also requested they remove my number, but they continue to call multiple times per week.  After seeing how Steve is handling it with call rejection, I looked up how to do the same with Comcast digital voice.  *60 gets you to the menu.
We have been getting calls from this number for several months now.  We have requested several times to have our number removed from their lists, but they keep calling.  I finally blocked their number using the call rejection service through our phone company Qwest.
If you are in the Twin Cities go to their door and ask to speak to their person in charge and that you won't leave until you are taken off their list.  Phone harassment is a crime, doesn't matter who it is or whom they claim to be, even political parties, law enforcement, and charities have to follow the law.  It's a wreckless abuse of power is what that charity is doing.
A follow-up from my previous complain... Not only do thes people call incessantly, but today they picked up goods I had set out for the Vietnam Vets of America. I am incensed and appalled.  Two of the bags I set out were marked as VVA bags (the kind you get in the mail all the time).  I don't answer these calls and haven't donated to them for at least 3 yrs because they won't leave me alone.  They now are trying to locate my donated goods to return them.  They admitted my home wasn't on their route.  So why did they snatch my donation?  How messed up is this?
I get this call daily.  Drives me nuts.  My cousin is also pestered daily by them.  Thanks for the e-mail address of the Lupus Foundation.  I sent them an e-mail -see if it does any good.
shows up charity pickup and weve asked them to stop calling us several times, as theyve woken up my baby by calling after 930pm even!!  they still continue to call
I don't usually answer the phone but I received a lot of missed calls from this number.

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