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Got a call, picked up no answer, tried calling back but no one picked up : (
Got a call from this number 23/02/10. They were inviting me to a free 30min spa at a Spa near Novena.    Background noise looks like they are outbound call centres. Cut our conversation & said I'm not interested.
me too. I just got it
I just got this number. Called bk n got no response too.
I do have the same number calling me to. But when I reply there is no one answer. I also have number that call me many time and ask me for other person.can anyone tell me how to stop it . and who do we report to
I asnwered this call and they were spammers trying to get to to go for SPAs, the next time was calling you to enrol for a bank financial talk, the other time was another another product.Number was: +65 65476475
I received a missed call too just now..I am not alone
I got a few calls from this number and when I tried calling back, there is always no one picking up too... spooky...
geez, same number too. is it one of those credit cards?
Just got a call from that number as well.Has any of you found out where this is originating from ?
Just got a missed call from this same number!
I've got the call while I was overseas.. Didn't picked up the call. Checked on web, and found that I'm not alone.
I also had the same number calling me.. But I was away, thus I got a missed call. I even had a voicemail left in my mailbox. When I listened to the voicemail, there was nothing but just sounds of "a machine"??When I tried calling back, it was engaged. Only on the 3rd try, did I manage to get through, but no one answered.
called me twice, but i was didn't managed to ans the call, so got missed call.didnt bother to call back.Any idea who is the person?read blur's comment above...sounds suspicious...dont feel right about it.
Ya, and I keep getting this number calling me. And keep looking for one specific person. Different caller each time but same number appearing on my mobile though. Very suspicious. Service Provider ought to check this out.
I just got the same number as well, but I dun know who called. Can someone tell me who is trying to call us? SPAM ? Can the Service Provider please investigate?
The same here. It's good to know this website. I hope I dun get over charged bill on this calls. This is a new age problem, we can't do much on this.
who is this? i received a miscalled but when i try to return call at first, its just ringing but then i tried again but it say it is engage at the moment (busy) until i tried my 3rd called still busy. Anyone? is this a spam?
I have the same scenario. ive got a miscall the same number and then try to call back but doesnt answer.
I just checked out my bill had had that charge too. It was on my husbands part of the bill. At the time he supposably signed up he was at work and on the phone with me at the same time. When we get strange text messages we just delete them. Just texted "stop" to 654654 and they saied that it is ussubscribed now just got to fix the mess with our bill because I am not paying the 9.99.

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