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Called me this morning and said I owed for cancelling internet yellow pages ($472.00). Called the local BBB nad she said it was a scam. Told me to google the phone number and see these responses.
Man calling from 3 different #s.One after the other.1,from Sebastian,FL.772-228-3050,   2 .California 661-594-7182, 3.  Kingston,CB   876-397-2237   .Its the same guy saying I won 11 mil. $. But I have to send him $280 so I can get $.He knows I won't fall for it but he's been calling 20 times an hr.I called the Sebastian # and got a voice recording in another language
I am a police officer. An elderly lady reported that she got called by this number and they said that they were issuing new medical cards. The caller confirmed her correct address then asked for the elderly lady's checking account number. She said that she doesn't give out that information and they hung up. This is a scam operation. Do not give out any information over the phone EVER, unless you initiate the call to somewhere.
Called about 2:05 PM today (Friday).  Did not recognize number.  Did not pick up.
GREAT!  Thank you for all the posting ... will be blocking that number!
My hubby got a call from them this morning. They claimed to be with Verizon and said that we had called them requesting to cancel our online advertising 3 months ago, and that in order to cancel we would be charged a fee of $500.00. My husband called me (I'm in charge of all things office) and I immediately contacted Verizon who of course had no idea what this was all about. Tried calling the number they fake company gave hubby - it was disconnected.
Got a phone call 06/30/2010 at 9:30am. A male asking for the owner of the company. He said he was from Yellow Local Directory stating that they got a request to cancel our ads 3 months ago. I asked him if the request was put in 3 months ago why it was being dealt with now? He asked if it was correct that a request was put in. I asked him to hold so that I could confrim with my supervisor and he hung up.
YUP....they are calling my too. Scammers!
I just called the real AT&T...they said it's a scam. These people go after free listings in the yellow pages to get your business name and number, and...Well. YOU can figure out THE REST!
Just got the same call wanting to "verify your mailing address" so he could send out the paperwork.. I responded "Sorry we didn't sign up for online advertising" His response...."Oh go f#*$% yourself"  very professional !!!!Grow up and get a real job instead of trying to scam people
Same as you all, claiming "someone" had cancelled the yellow page ad, and they would be sending out "final invoice" of $400-something.  When I said that's nice, I never ordered anything, and I won't be paying for anything, she said another department would call me back and hung up.
A woman called from this number saying she was part of the cancellation department for the internet Yellow Pages. I explained to her that we do not advertise with the internet Yellow Pages and she said it was a free listing that we set up. I told her she was mistaken as we have never set up any kind of listing and she said the owner's name and said he was the one to set it up two years ago. Again I told her there was no way he authorized anything since he hasn't been in office for over three years. She said she would find out who authorized it and let me know. Then she hung up. I get really frustrated with these people. Don't ever give out any information to anyone claiming to be doing business with you, or trying to "update" your listing. It's a big scam.
Received this call in North Carolina yesterday. She wanted to confirm info about our company canceling our yellow pages ad. We have never advertised in yellow pages. I answered a couple of her questions and then she wanted to transfer me to her billing department so send us the final invoice.Complete scam.
happens to me today just minutes ago, they hang up.  but  I called back and there is a recording saying the number you dial is not in service... weird.
They just called me on 5.26.10 at 4:30pm est and said we canceled our yellow page ad...only problem is we don't advertise in the yellow pages...He hung up without saying a word...causing me to investigate the phone number.
A**hole called here with the same introduction... "I'm calling to cancel you ...blah blah blah"  Guess what, he to said we owed in the 400.00 something range!  Nope, nothing we ever ordered.  Come on and "prove it"  " show me what you say you were selling us"  Scam scam scam.  Call came to us 05/20/2010

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