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Reverse Phone Check:

Got the Druing a study. Dident pick it up. why would i? anyways woudl like to knwo who made the prank and how it works though.
I got had a missed call from 666 and it left me a voicemail. when I went to lisen to my messages it was someone breathing hard and it said something in a faint voice but I couldt understand it then it hung up.I was scared plus I saved the message. (probably not smart)
My friend has gotten some wierd text messages.  First got one from no phone that read "go away!" and the next day got one from 666 reading "Please call'.  Any ideas on where these are coming from?
I got a text from 129 and it said: "Please call '666'". I texted back and said "Why?", and couldn't send it because it didn't exist... WTH?
my friends little brother and his friend got a call from that number and it was in the voice that the guy in the saw movies had and the person told them everything they did that night in their house and told my friend about it and the next day my friend whose brother got the call was hanging out at his friends house and they got a call from the number and no one said anything on the phone they looked out their window a few minutes later and a guy was outside with binoculars and then started walking back down the road so my friends followed him with the intention of beating the s**t out of him and he pulled a gun out and they ran back home
I let the call go to voice mail, and when I listened to the message it was an automated voice that said "security service."
Rec'd this number as missed call. Have heard it's a prank of some kind. Don't think anyone I used to know would be calling me from Hell.
Just got a call on my cell from this number.  April 28th at 9:11 am.  No message leflt.  Called it back from a landline and it said the number could not be connected as dialed.Not very nice.
i got a call from the number 666! it was breathing and they said something. im really scared! but it might've been a prank.
I got a call from this number as well and it  my voicemail from this number as well at 2:02 PM. Eastern time on April 10 2009, and it was an automated recording saying "This is the law offices of ross gillfand, you can contact us at between 8:30 Am. and 9:00 PM. Eastern time at 800-899-4353." ! Guess i'm being suied!?????
this number called me during lunch at school i answered and it was some recording of a like idk a german woman something about a credit union i couldnt understand perfectly cuz the room was so loud so idk if thats really what she said.....and when i called back i got my verizon company saying this number doesnt work
I just received a 6666666666 number on my cell phone but since it was such a weird number, I did not answer.  What would have happened if I did?
I just received a voicemail from this number" Hellooooo (my name) this is Lucifer. I want you to know you are doing a great job and keep it up. Bye"Odd!!!
I just call a text from 129 saying to call 666-6666, as well.
So yah its now March 4 2009 far past the point where OSENTERPRISES has disabled their services and I got a text message today saying "PLEASE CALL" from the phone number 666-6666
I did an IQ test on facebook.  To get the result I had to put in my mobile phone number.  Then I began to get text messages giving facts.  Each message took £3 from my phone credit.  I texted stop, but another one arrived, again deducting £3.  I texted stop again yesterday.  How do I stop this person robbing me of £3 for every text message?
I did exactly the same thing, I've texted STOP about 15 times now, but I keep losing £3 every time it texts me. How do I stop it?
How do we stop it? there is no info on the internet about it!
i just rang orange as ive been charged 14 quid fr these texts, they said text stop all in capital letters if tht doesnt work this is the customer srvice number for these robbing s**ts! 08453553445

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