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Reverse Phone Check:

i love this site. i also got calls from this number, return call always engaged.
I just got a missed call from them too. Now i not going to return call!
check out the frequency they call me!24/06/200911:0416/06/200917:0910:4709:4909:2415/06/200915:5315:2912/06/200916:1413:3912:3210:1809:33
omg i just received a call from this no. a few mins ago.. i tred to call back but it's always engaged! im curious to find out who is it though.. seems so dubious.. esp after i read all the comments!
I just got a call...few seconds ago. When I get a strange number, I will do a quick check on the Internet...I saw this site...and did not answer the phone.Did any of you participate in the Rednano or competitions and put your numbers there? Seems like that number is found on both those sites. Not too sure....
Jus got a miss call on this well. Since everyone is getting this as well, i am not going to call back
I received this call yesterday 1 time only but dont know from where? i try to call back since yesterday still engage. may be scb
I received that call's so 5:30pm sharp they'll start blasting my mobile and even called my home...and mum mentioned their tone is weird...Always engaged when I call back...
Wow... I juz had two missed call from this no.Shall not call back after reading these comments :)
I received a few calls from this number over a few days. The caller knows my full name but got my saluation wrong. I'm a Ms but they addressed me as Mr. I became suspicious and told them wrong#. Subsequently, they called back several times i refused to pick up. Now that i know about this phone#, i shall never answer the call. I tried calling back a few days, every time it's engaged as well.
Same here! what do they want?
LOL! Same here!
Ya. Got a call from dis num.. call back always engaged.
Just got a call from this number today. It's a missed call. I had tried calling back a few times, but it's always engaged. Now that I got their info from you guys, I am not going to return call anymore. Thanks
I am also getting calls now and then. it looks like some AC repairing company or somethign like that per yellopages.
called several times. always engaged when i cal back. strange. is it really std chartered?
it's standard chartered!!
same heresh1t
Called me 7 times asking me if I am Ms teo. Like WTF? I told them no each time. and they said they will update their record.. And this morning for the 8th time they called me again.

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