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Reverse Phone Check:

This caller claiming to work for a tool company and when we said we were not interested, he hung up and called back on a local line and used every profanity in the book.  He was abusive and very disruptive.  Someone has to be able to stop this kind of abuse.
I've gotten a few phone calls from this guy over the last week, what an idiot.  After telling him I don't have employees he starts to insult me and my business.I've got his number listed now as "Do Not Answer" and think if he keeps calling I'll talk to the MO Atty General's office.
This guy called me identifying himself as Steve Smith from Smith Construction....really imaginative.  I told him he needed a new line and hung up on him.  He immediately called me back from 931 577-4836 and harassed me.  When I hung up on him a second time, he didn't hang up his phone thereby tying up one of my phone lines for some time.
This IDIOT just called my house. He wouldn't give any information, just that he didn't do business with women!  I told him I was the business owner and that I could help him with what ever he wasw calling about. This turned into a very ugly screeming match. I told him not to call my house anymore and to put me on his do not call list. I would rather not say what happened next....Then he hung up. GGRRRR.
I just recieved a call from Duston Hall from Dustin Construction from this number 681-200-5894, looking for my father (asking for him by name) and wanting his cell number. I said I will take your number and and give my father the message. Well he didnt like that idea, he hung up on me. Beware people this guy is not to be trusted obviously.
The b-------! called me last nigh wanting to sell saws all blades I hung up he called back with a nasty voice mail
Same thing happend to me today that has happened three previous times. This time he got angry and cursed me out. I tried the BBB in West Viginia, the Federal Entity, and all of my local resources to try and track this gut down, I've tried to be nice to this guy trying to sell me crap from Arizona, I politely try to say no them he gets abusive. He thinks we are all stupid enought o give him money over the phone for something we will never get. He's a predator and an idiot. I hope he reads these posts and learns to grow a set. Pick a new line of work moron!!!
why can't anything be done to stop these people?anyone wanna make a free software program that mass dials these folks to no end?these guys swear up and down and call you every name in the book.
This guy is a menace.  Just told me to shove my business up my a** and all I asked was what this was regarding!
Just called us claiming to be Mark with Western Contractors. The boss always has us screen his calls, so when I asked to take a message, he hung up.
Now this guy is With Western Tool and is calling him self John Walker. Called the company and told them that the was using there name and being VERY RUDE! They were not happy about that.  He also goes with the company name of Vally Contracting. Has been calling us for about 6 months..  This man will call you and cuss at you then tell you that you need to pay him or he is coming after you!!! What an A$$ 681-200-5894  Watch out for this number!!!
tool retail
This caller keeps calling and changing there caller id. They spoof their number. They sell some tools/basic electrical supplies. Anybody ever buy from them? I want to call the company and talk to owner and complain about the annoying sales man whos been calling for the past 1-1/2 year. The sales man wont take no. He has been harrassing me and started to threaten me. I need to catch this guy. One more call and I will make a complaint to police. Phone company will only block number. This guy keeps spoofing his number to appear like mines sometimes. If you are reading this, get a life.

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