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Reverse Phone Check:

i got it too!!! My goodness....
these d***heads have been calling me for a whole fuxking year now. my no. is like stucked in their auto-dialing system and gets re-cycle perpetually...!
I am overseas and this number just call me 15 time over 3 days!wtf! dont they know its an overseas dial tone?
From the looks of it, the bank will not be taking any responsibility for the inconvenience they are causing us, anytime in the near future.The operators are simple utilizing the auto-dial utility to call us. That's why they can't recognize the roaming tone, because they don't hear the tone at all. Any suggestions to how to make the company responsible for the nuisance caused?
so, this no. is prank! I thought what happened!Think they said they from UOB...UOB...pls do something abt this!
68547111 strikes again!
dun be so agitated;s common
I just got a call from them too.. Luckily it was a missed call.
thanks for the info. luckily, i divert all my calls to my voicemail when i am in overseas. they just left a voicemail with "hello". idiots.
I got call a few time, thay call to my office number as well, same time no number. any ideas to stop them?
Got a call from 68547111.  Totally ignored it.
same here! I already told them previously i did not need their service.They're relentless!And they call every other half hour! Even when i'm overseas too like everyone else...Driving me nuts...Any idea how we can stop the calls?
I just received a missed call from them... its pretty much because of these idiots that I no longer take calls from unknown numbers... Dont want to waste time and energy talking to them...
I was in oversea and was on auto-roaming.received such call from bank, asking if i want to sign up credit card!wasted $3 just to pick up that call.can't those stupid telemarketer recognize the roaming dial tone?
same with me - been getting calls from that number.
seems like very determined, another 2 calls today which i ignored ...
And it happened again, juz 1 min ago ...
ME TOO!!!! this is crazy.. they even called my office number to promote the stupid Fund Transfer to me!!!!!!! and when i asked him how come call my office number.. he said, "erm.. this one i duno leh.. it's the computer system." WTH!!!!
So seems like i gotta ban this number too
This number called me!!!I didnt answer it because it was an unfamilliar number so i looked in up and its not in the U.S. its in Western Somoa or something....How did they get my number...that scares me...especially reading other peoples comments. I'm glad I did answer...

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