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Too rude to even write here
i have been ignored that kind of messages for nearly one year now, i was not awared they are chargeble to my account, should i get in touch with the service provider(orange) for the refund even i never open the link, ever.
They are bunch of bad people who stole your personal data to scum off money from your pocket. never leave your phone out of sight or borrow it to anyone because they might just cost you a fortune.
I had the same sort of problem and text messages saying the same thing with a webmob.365 extension.DO NOT OPEN THE MESSAGE OR GO TO THE SITEI rung up my service provider and they asked for the number that was sending me the message. The messages i was receiving didnt have on, however having done a bit of research i found out that it was Blue Stream Mobile that were causing the problems. To unsubscribe from there services call '08451309911'Its an automated service but when i entered my number they told me i was subscribed to one of there services namely 69700. I should be unsubscribed now.Hope this helps
Hi    I have a contract with o2 and have been having the same problems as the above with MXTELECOM,I phoned o2 and demanded they put a bar on these types of tx messages,they have a premium Barring service that stops any such messages getting through to your phone.I am now after a refund from o2 who I have been told are affiliated with o2 and probably all the other mobile phone networks !.
well well, what can i say this 69122 number is so wrong surely its illegal, my boyfriend had a text saying 69122 FreeMsg: U have paid for but not claimed ur adult videos at Homemade Sex Vids!To get ur download open this link:, i was gutted,i asked him about it and he denined it,i was really upset and asked him if i was that bad at sex he had to pay for it,he said he never less that a month later he recieved another one saying the same but with a number 2 after the bc,he still said it was not him,it has cause us a lot of problems and we are so close to spliting up because of them, when i tried to look at the link at my sisters,we could not get on to the link so we typed in the 'tbarelylegalbc' and oh my god i was mortified it came up with the same site over and over again which was barely leagal boys club (it was gay porn)so just before christmas i thought my boyfriend was gay, i had a great christmas. now i have found all you people saying the same thing, this is such a bad thing to do, how can they get away with what they are doing,he has had another text saying 89069 freemsg: get 12fuck packs see cum hungry teen s**ts gag on black c**k!get ur 12free packs 2day visit: are all wrong and cause so much trouble between people.
wot the hell is this i got charged 4 something i did not even apply 4 i didnt even get anything from it
You can ask for your number to be removed from their spam lists by them where they got your details from and they'll fob you off by telling you their "Operations Department" is looking into it.Report them at
I get the same messages as others have shown. I have never responded but needless to say the other half was not impressed when I started receiving them. If I test back stop all will they stop being received?
I found the text on my 13 year old son's phone - he had also clicked the link and downloaded the video! We've had problems before with these things eating up all the credit I put on for him - he's at an age where his hormones have clouded his common sense and I only came accross it when I was being a suspicious mother... with good reason.I'll have a good chat with him tomorrow and then text the STOP ALL, but I'm wondering how illegal their actions are.It is, however, good to know that it's unsolicited. Thanks for al the great advice and info.
I was texted from the same number and have contacted ICSTIS, MX Telecom (who rent them the number) and the customer services dept from 69122. Basically it's a con! You get charged for viewing thumb nail pictures of possible video downloads, I was told that as I'd looked at the pages )and believe me you can hardly make out what the pictures are of!) I was going to be charged and there was nothing I could do about it. I have passed this info onto ICSTIS as they have a meeting with the company next week.
In addition to my last comment. If anyone does get a text from the numbers 69122 or 69898  - DO NOT under any circumstances follow the link. You'll get charged as soon as you access the page weither you look at something or not. I thought I must have been charged for something and whilst I was looking to see what I could download was charged for looking at the thumb nail pictures advertising the videos that were available from the site. It's a total con nd the company that runs the site won't do anything as they say that you have accessed the content! - even when you are looking at the pages and not downloading anything! TOTAL CON!
Just the same as everybody else, I too have received several unwanted text messages from an unidentified sender inviting me to open a link to receive smutty videos. I have ignored them all and have now received a message from 69122 saying I have paid for one of their videos, and giving me a link to download it. Being worried they had taking money from my service provider and charging it to my account I rang O2 customer services who advised me that this was a scam involving many of their customers and to send a 'Stop' message to 69122 which they should abide by. I have done this but have not received an acknowlegment of receipt so I'm waiting to see if I receive anymore messages from this bunch of crooks. I have no idea how they got hold of my number but I suspect it could have come from some of the more dubious applications on Facebook. When I was with Orange I joined Facebook and immediately started to get inundated with Spam emails, mostly offering ways to improve my sex life!!! It got so bad that one month I received 1850 spam messages of this rubbish. I would urge everyone not to reveal contact details on their Facebook profile. If you add an application, they have immediate access to all of your private information including your email address and phone number. Now I have moved to O2 and opened a new email account I dont get any spam at all, and I haven't revealed it on Facebook, I just left the old email address showing which was no longer in use. I ported my number which was also displayed on my Facebook profile and that is still being hit with all this crap. I proved it came from Facebook when one of the emails mentioned a health problem I had several years ago, and which was only known to anyone who had access to my Facebook profile. I have now closed the account down, but these scam messages are still being sent to my phone as my number has remained the same as when I was with Orange. I would urge everyone with a Facebook account to remove all contact details at whatever cost and not to give these crooks a free ride from now on!
I sent "STOP ALL" to 69122 and immediately got a response saying that "your service has been stopped. Want free access to the dirty girls from ####house?..."I will not respond but I hope that the messages cease, I didn't ask for them and they will cause domestic problems if they don't!
I alsohave received a message saying that I have paid for but not downloaded some smutty vids. I am reporting it to watchdog.
i have recieved a number of sex video messages, and then recieved the message above (69122 FreeMsg: U have paid for but not claimed ur adult videos at Homemade Sex Vids!To get ur download open this link:, i read on a forum that you have to send a message back saying STOP to 69122. SO i have tried it and awaiting a response
had the same problem as chris, found this on another site ... laint&highlight=The "service" providers (i.e. premium rate thieves) are:Blue Stream Mobile08702402553help@blue-stream.biz27 Old Gloucester StreetLondonWC1N 3XXFour breaches of the ICSTIS/PhonePayPlus Code of practice: Blue Stream to phonepayplus online - don't bother trying to ring them, you will just get fobbed offhad the same msg as chris from the same numberYou should also text "STOP ALL" to 69122. If the texts do not then stop, you should go back to Phonepayplus and insist they do something - you could even do this over the phone since even phonepayplus run out of excuses for the premium rate industry when they ignore a "STOP ALL" message.Please also consider contacting your MP. The situation whereby premium rate crooks are free to steal from the public without any meaningful sanctions will only change when enough MPs kick up enough of a stink.[/url]
I didnt want anything i followed a wrong link an ended up paying for things without knowing or recieving anything
hi i got this message from the above number69122 FreeMsg: U have paid for but not claimed ur adult videos at Homemade Sex Vids!To get ur download open this link:
i forgot to say its a complete scami didnt buy the video they will probably just sign you up for some rip off subscription if you click the link

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