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got a bill from T Mobile for £106, t mobile ******g useless at helping out
I got 19 (yes 19!!!) texts from this number! If they think there taking 30 quid off me theyve got another thing comin!
Topped up £10 2day and i was mortified when i received txt after txt billing me £1.50. I was replying STOP but it just kept txting me. I have now wrote to this scamming company and will be contacting Consumer affairs.
if you do get a txt from 69700 and they are robbing you blind report them to
If you have been ripped off like myself by Bluestream Mobile Limited then why not write to the cheating company directors of this company at their home addresses:Jonathan William Cresswell (Company Secretary)49 Spingfield Road WindsorBerkshire SL4 3PPNathaniel Douglas Macleitch (Director)5 maple GroveLondonW5 4LAJames Lefkowitz (Director)1454 Blueridge DriveBeverley Hills90210 CaliforniaUSAIan Barnett Aaron345 South Crescent DriveBeverley Hills90212 californiaUSABruce Stein1894 Westridge RoadLos AngelesCalifornia 90049All the above information is public information which is available from Credit Gate.
my boyfriend keeps gettin these texts :(why do i never get these sorts of texts though?is it because he's been on a dodgey site, or is it jusa random text con thing?and does it charge people with contracts aswell as pay as u go?
I get an unwanted message every morning at 8:15 for which I am charged 1.50. I have a bar on my phone that stops all premium rate text messages, but this message is still coming through as it is being sent from the internet rather than a 5 digit number. According to Vodaphone the message is coming from a  company called Bluestream. I have contacted Bluestream and although they say they will stop the message it does not stop. I have also contacted Phone Pay Plus but without a 5 digit number they say they can not do anything. I have also ocntacted OFCOM who say I have to contact Phone Pay Plus. So now I have told Vodaphone if tehy do not sort out this issue both my wif and I will cancel our contracts with them. It woudl appear that corporate theft is legal!
It is my boyfriend that keeps getting messages from these people and he is charged £1.50 per text but he cant get enough credit on his phone to text stop all because as soone as he dose he loses all his money his has lost £30 this way so far.  It is disgusting that these people can get away with it
Radom text's took all my cred away, its says i have used 30 pounds on bling. now i have to pay that everytime i top up . D*ick Heads!!
Want My money back for random messages - it also said i used 2o pound on bling - Porn Sites are For Sicko's so why would i want to pay to see porn \!!
jus got random msgs. fone bill ova by £62. i want my money bk!!
Had 3 txts from them 22/4/09 for stuff they said I accessed on 30/11/08 which is crap. Don't know how they got my number but cleaned my PAYG top up after sending STOP to the number. If I owed them this money why did it take 4 months to ask me for it!! This cannot be legal.
Stupidly i was curious about the site and when i saw what it was about i stopped it or so i they have just took £12 off my phone and now i have no credit.i am raging.who do they think they are?
Offering porn web sites, and charging £1.50 per text, all texts are unwanted and un warrented
They have just took all my money of my phone by sending my all off the same messages.i dont no who they are and i want my money my last bit of money i have and they have toook it all.

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