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got 2 items by text 700034244/700038009 on 28/12 at 22-03 and 22-04 what are these
700038009 & 700034244 have now taken £6 from my daughters phone credit. I initially contacted Virgin who told me to text STOP to the 81111 number which appeared. This did nothing, another £4.50 taken, so I contacted them again. I also reminded them that they must be paying some of the revenue to these scamming bastards, so they have now told me it will take 5 working days to block these numbers & refund my daughter £6 credit. Phone your phone service provider & moan, it does work sometimes.
this   700038009      is 0800 mum and dad its reverse call service  and this one also has appeared on my bill          700034244
our 12 yr old has been charged on 20 2 09 . have tried to obtain a refund from website listed to find the site is blocked due to poor security. so we are £4.60 down and no where to complain to. how many more people are these scammers going to be allowed to fleece.
Lost £9.00. Received two texts from 82018 did not request them though. Went into O2 and they said that I needed to phone the people that the texts were sent to. They gave me a number but it was not correct, and I am so upset. This has left my daughter with only 22p. I feel that this is theft!!!
hi if you can confirm that it was accidently done by a minor you maybe able to claim your money back, via their refund procedure, must do it with 60 days of the doing it though...just putting my claim will update accordingly
the refund policy/page link is ...
Same thing has just happened to me, only had £11 credit, they nearly taken the lot.   Found the tel number 02032872847.  They also have a website,
Warning - if you receive texts about games with a pin from 80303, do not accept.  It has cost my 9 year old daughter £6.00 for this.  Have been told they come from a company called Sybase 365 but when I rang them they said it was Mbiz Samsung.  Is there a number for them as the one I obtained does not work.  This is ripping people off and is a huge scam.
text the word "stop" back
My daughter has her phone a day when two text all her credit ran out without even using the phone. The bill stated the time that teh text messages were supposedly sent, but she was standing next to me at Tescos at the precise same time (my bill confirms teh time) so no way did she send any text messages.What can I do to get a refund - Orange were particularly unhelpful?
Bought a new phone Samsung from Carphone Warehouse for my daughter and when she played the 'free' games that came on the phone they automatically sent a text message to 82018 which she was charge 10p for each game. This then prompted an automatic text message response per game which cost her £4.50 each, thus wiping out here £10 credit in one go.This is fraud in my opinion and should be reported.Everyone else who has been caught by this should contact Samsung for a full refund.
Be warned!. Pass this on to others: If you receive a text or asked to send a text back to either of this numbers: 82018 or 700046033, don't!!. Just delete/disregard it. Otherwise, acknowledging it will cost you £4.50 at once without you realising until you see your bill or check your credit balance. This companies are fraudsters. They use various names (if revealed) such as Mbiz-support, Mbiz-Samsung. They advertise various things as ringtones, games, etc. Children are becoming particularly vulnerable to them. So warn yours!. Google them/search on the net by the above numbers/company names and read for yourself.
I have had the same text.... not impressed!BTW... never ever go with Tmobile... they are awful at charging you for everything... there customer service people rang em yesterday and i go charged for it!!! absolute joke.
my 8 year old just got a tesco samsung e250 with £10 on the pay as you go for xmas played a game on it was then sent 3 texts from mbiz-support with a code number to unlock the game this cost aprox £9
These fools have sent me two texts charged at £4.50 each- god forbid should i find them!!
My Daughter is 10 and had her phone for 1 day when this charge came off her account. I have just spent 30 minutes on the telephone with VIGIN and when I asked WHY she had been charged this money they were very unhelpful and said I should ring the same number to find out who sent her the text (yeah so I am going to pay more money via that number) anyway  If she got something for the £4.50 then I wouldn't complain but the "FREE TRIAL" Games are still on a trial so she hasn't accidently purchased one. VIRGIN have no sympathy and fobbed me off, I just wanted to be assured that she wouldn't be charged this sum every week like some ringtone sites, they could or would not tell me.
My daughter's got the same, does anyone know if it is a number that will repeatedly send texts to her until she unsubscribes or is it a one-off?
Daughter has been charged £4.50 for what we do not know she is 14

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