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I have received several calls, which are recorded messages, from this number.  I am restistered on the "no call list".  The message is regarding interest rates on my credit card.  They leave a number to call.  I have never called the number.
tried to call back. auto-transfers to 504-233-0774.
Just got a voice phone didn't even ring. They did not say anything. It was form Bismark, ND
I just had a death in the family and this number called while I was on the other line and they left a blank message.Why the hell can't these machines be stopped by our government?We have a do not call list,but this must just keep the investigators from collecting our complaints by phone.
This information is courtesy of, one of their list members played detective and took some pretty good notes .......The general script:-random phone call to cell phone or home phone. Robovoice in Spanish asks you to press 1 because you won a prize -- a multi-stop vacation package including Orlando and Disney, Las Vegas, Miami, for two people, all expenses etc -- plus TWO GOLD WATCHES!Eventually, you get transfered to some person. In my case, I got transfered to an Argentine lady named "Ingrid Ruiz", who asked me for name, age, address, etc, and told me that this was a "completely free" vacation, and just needed to validate that i had a valid credit card (just first four digits, please!) to be eligible.After a full schpiel on how wonderful this was, a discussion of the $350 required to collect this prize, and a request for my credit card numbers, followed. There is a real-time validation of the credit card numbers (I gave them a valid Master Card prefix but definitely not a valid card number) and a multi-step validation process.The scammers are very good about giving their address and website address and phone number -- presumably to provide a veneer of ligitimacy to the scam.The information I got:Company: Mar Azul ViajesContact: Ingrid Ruiz (Ext 1011)825 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 1244Miami, FL 33155(305) 372-5613The registrar of this website is a Norberto Spessot, based in Buenos Aires Argentina (Solis 10005, Buenos Aires, 1115 Argentina). The owner also has another website called with the same scam.Beware of these people -- they are aggressive and vicious. After I got done with the credit card validating lady who, after trying four times to run the fake number I gave her through was suggesting "I'd lose the opportunity" and I called her on the fraudulent nature of this activity and hung up, Ingrid whatsherface called me back to try to berate me for the accusation of fraudulent activity.
received phone call from this number at 10:33am CST, January 13, 2011. Did not answer.
Just called me too. The recording was in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish. GO AWAY.
ring and nobody talk, don't left msj but keep calling me
Didn't answer the phone due to being in a car in a state where you can't hold a cell phone up to your ear and drive at the same time. Also lacked places to pull over to answer, but they didn't leave a voicemail or anything. Called me a SECOND time when I didn't pick up the first time.
They just called my cell phone too, but like so many of you that have already been harrassed by this caller, I never answer the phone if it's a number I don't recognize. No message - thanks for confirming my suspicions on this number all.
This morning I received a call from 701 920-9106; the caller ID displayed "REQUESTED SERVI" [sic].They left an automated message on my machine saying something about interest rates.  I deleted the message and have programmed my phone to block that ID in the future.I, too, am on the Do Not Call List.I most certainly did NOT request their "servi."...parasites.
They called stating I won $1000.00 and to dial 1 to claim my price. Not true!Dijeron que me gane $1000.00 y que marcara el 1 para recibir mi premio. No es verdad!
I got a call from this number and like Staci they left no message. I called it right back and I got a message telling the number is out of service.
I received a call from this number, and did not have an opportunity to tell them to never call me. I don't subscribe to any lists, and I am on the national do-not-call register.I need to get up just to answer the phone in hopes it is a kid or family member, and it is often one of these places. It is harassment by the sheer number of places calling for unwanted purposes.When will the American people take back their phones!I cannot even use my phone for personal or business purposes because, and it damages my relations with people when I don't expect the number, I ask "Who is this?" in a rude voice before finding out who it is.I really want my phone back!    I need it for business!
Get almost daily voice mails from this company regarding "interest rates as low as 6%"  Calling # results in option to remove self from calling list.  No idea who these people are.  I am on the Do Not Call list.
Phoned and left no message.
This is a scam. Phone number out of Bismark, North Dakota. Check out the following link for more details:
received phone call from this number at 1:33pm CST, January 10, 2011. Did not answer.
This number just called my cell phone.I only answer calls from numbers I recognize.  No message.I hate spammers.
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