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Reverse Phone Check:

For those claiming this is a collection agency, you are sadly wrong.  I JUST got off the phone with one of the representatives for the NRA.  Also known as the National Rifle Association.  These people are relentless, I've spoken to someone with this bunch of relentless, mindless drones every day for the past 2 months and every time.. EVERY TIME.. I tell them we are not interested, please do not call me again.Instead, they call back the next day regular as clockwork - Monday through Sunday.. without fail.This is obnoxious, its harassing, and apparently.. there is no means defined within the laws of physics to get them to stop.
Kept driving me NUTS!  Called NRA at 1 for member services and I told them to take us off the call list!  Hope it works!!
Call at least once everyday.  No message.  No one on other end when phone picked up.I am on the do not call, but still get several solicitation calls daily.
They just keep calling me too.  I just filed a complaint here
I get multiple calls a day.  Caller ID just says "Triangle".  They hang up just in time for a dial tone to scream through my answering machine.  I'm getting sick of it.
they keep calling..not leaving message..
Please have these people stop calling!
everyday at the same time this number calls my house when i answer it there is only breathing onthe line i tell who ever is breathing totake me off the list and thenthe phone hangs up
Constant harassing phone calles from the NRA      AH7U3verage 2x a day  7 day's a week
They call my office everyday and do not leave a message.Very annoying...
I'm getting calls as well.... if I answer, no one at the other end..... If I don't answer, no message left on my machine.
Ironically, when I get a call from this number it only EVER rings once and then hangs up. I was wondering who they were, but good thing they only ring once or I'd have an issue. Ii agree with everyone above, don't answer or bother with them =/I'm pretty sure the same people have called me from different numbers.
Consistant calling daily all hours no messages left only on line long enough to activate message beeper.
This is not a debt collection agency. NRA is the National Rifle Association. They have a tendency to continue calling over and over again whether you ask them to or not.My husband finally got rid of them by offering to let them inspect his rifles at the business end. A few more well-placed insults and voila.
Same experiences as the above, over last month or so.
They are calling maybe once a month....usually never answer and if I accidentally do, no one is on the line....don't plan on answering this number again
Yes NRA  National Recovery Associates, they are a particularly slimey collection agent
Who are these people? They have been calling everyday! What do they want? My caller ID reads NRA.  Is this a collection agency.  I am on a do not call list. When I answer the phone there is a dial tone.  This is very annoying.
Calling my house
These people call twice a day, everyday, once in the morning and once at night. Even on Saturday and Sunday!!!! I answered once and there was no one there??!!! Imagine working this hard all the time?! I figured they were either debt collectors (why are they calling me?) Or telemarket people. I don't answer anymore.

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