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Reverse Phone Check:

This has come up on my call display a few times. No message. How do Identify them.
I've had several calls from this number.  I let it go to voice mail as I have no idea who the gentleman is.  He knows my name & my husband's as well.  Has anybody heard of this #?
they keep cilling and no message
I have received 2 calls in the last couple days from this number, tey will not leavae a message or even say who is calling, they make it sound like they know me. When I call it back the number is out of service,
This number keep calling me.
Gang, you have to listen (or read in this case! hehehe) what Uth said on September 26th of last year!!  For goodness sake, just stop answering the call.  He/She is correct.  This IS a computer calling to confirm live numbers and every time you answer it or call it back you are giving your number over to shady telemarketing companies who want to harass you.  Welcome to the age of technology!Now, on the Do Not Call List - DON"T USE IT!!  This list is being sold by our government to any telemarketing company who's willing to pay for it.  Canadian law can only regulate Canadian businesses.  It is companies with call centres NOT located in Canada that are calling and harassing you now.  Any person can easily pretend to be a telemarketer and purchase the DNC list right off the website and download it!  It's ridiculous.  The list is sold so that telemarketers within Canada can use the list for the purpose it was designed for. However, typical Canada (and I love my country with every fibre of my being) are too naive to realize that there are creeps out there who will find a way around it.  Unfortunately, the government did not put any barriers on the site where the list can be purchased to stop the list from getting into the "wrong" hands.After watching an expose news piece about this (it was either 5th Estate or that new Global show on Saturday), I went online to see if it was true.  Well, I bought the list and I'm a nobody - I don't even own a company.  We all just handed over our cell phone, home, fax and every other number to these creeps.  Silly us!
I get calls from this number but I'm never home and there are no messages left.
called and when called back no service
is it a skype number??
I would assume this is a virtual number (VOIP?) we just got a call and the guy said sorry I must have the wrong number.
I keep getting a call from this number but when I call back it says it is not longer in service, how can this number not be in service if it is calling me.
This hang up call is most likely a computer probe call to find out if your number is legit.  Once the computer confirms that your number is a live one, by you picking up the phone and connecting the call (you don't even need to say anything), it is put on a list and sold to telemarketers everywhere.That internet website where you type your number in to unsubscribe is another way they can verify that your number is legit.  They aren't going to unsubscribe you.The best way to combat telemarketers, besides signing up to the National Do Not Call list, is to not answer any unknown phone number calling you.  Eventually either the computer will think your number is dead and stop, and/or the live telemarketer will stop calling.  They less you answer, the less they call.  This has the added positive effects of wasting their time and paying someone for nothing.If the unknown number calling is legit, they can leave a message.You can see from these comments here how little people know how it works and how easy it is to find live phone numbers to harass.One last thing.  As more people sign up to the Do Not Call Registry, telemarketers will be left with a shrinking pool of numbers to phone, which means more selling number lists to try to make money, and more calls to you.There is also increased political calling as we approach an election and political phone calls are exempt from the Do Not Call list.Remember, don't answer that phone, no matter how much you want to, or be prepared to be harassed.
I have gotten no less than 6 calls a week from this number for the past two months.  Cell, home and work numbers are all being harassed.
I constantly receive calls from that number. I received another one this morning. When I answer, no one speaks. When I call the number back, it says it is out of service. Very annoying. Has anyone reported this to Bell?
I received a call but when I call back no answer. who is calling??????
705-727-9951, received a call from this number, they keep hanging up, who is this telemarketer
they keep calling me!
I hung up, when I figured out it was a telemarketer.....He called back, and said that his name was Jeff, and I had just hung up on him. He would call me another time.He would not respond when I asked where he was calling from. I star *69ed the call and it came back (705) 444-2886. I called and it said the line was busy. This very brash action coming from a telemarketer.
I have been getting calls from 705-444-2886/444-7768/444-1366, every other hour or so. It is so annoying and they never stop. Yes when you try to call them back, it says number has been disconnected. Do you guys know if where we can report or make a complaint. Or is it just better to take another number and go unlisted.
UGHHHH!  this drives me crazy nobody there when I answer and they must call 4 times a day from this number or 705-725-8710.  John thanks for the link to remove my number I hope it works.

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