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I agree there service sucks. Its costly and they come when they want.
These guys are scam artists. Anyone that posts something otherwise gets paid by them. They now call my cell phone. I have never had any business with them. Probably just use a computer dialing program to call everyone. Rather than send them money, just send it to me. It won't help you with a warranty, but at least I won't blow up your phone :)
I've had AHS warranties on 3 homes in 3 states.  I agree with all of the adverse comments so far.  If you try to fix something by yourself, but then find it too complex - sorry, you've made an unauthorized repair and they won't cover it.  This happened to me when I had an outdoor heat pump compressor unit rust the frame, and the fan was beating the heck out of everything.  I proped the unit up with a 2x4 until the repair guy got there - unauthorized repair, no coverage.  What if your heat goes out, and you replace the thermostat, but that doesn't fix it?  Unauthorized repair!  And, like the guy above, it'd better be broken when the repair tech gets there, because if it was intermittant they'll just take your $60 and wait for you to call again.  I'll take it when the seller chips in for it, but I'm not paying for it - and I'm certainly NOT going to renew coverage!
I echo the same comments from those not satisfied with AHS. I'm sure the postive feedbacks are those agents from AHS trying to reverse all the negative comments. I have reported AHS to the registry because I have asked them repeatidly to take my number off the list...
I get calls too.  Every home I've purchased since 2000 (there have been 3) I've had a warranty from AHS, provided by either the realtor or as terms of the sale.  It wasn't until this last home that I've had need to use the service.  Our furnace was the issue, and the policy is the unit needs to be in "failure" in order to be fixed.  We spent some seriously cold nights waiting for the service company to show up the next day only to have them not find anything.  This scene was repeated 3 times.  And that's when you find out it has to be within 30 days or you pay the deductible again!
Don't believe the whiners. I've had American Home Shield for 8 years and never had a problem beyond the normal, minor hassles that accompany dealing with contractors. I bought a 25 year old house with all original, builder's-grade stuff. Everything has broken or died over the years and AHS has covered everything as advertised. I have saved way more in repair costs than I've spent on premiums. My brother made an $800 cash profit in the first month he had AHS. I can't imagine owning a home without having this insurance. They have made mistakes, but gave me credits for the deductibles for even minor inconveniences. The customer service is excellent and easy to reach. Anyway, I got a call from this number, but it was expected as I'm in the middle of having them fix a broken sewer line. FOR SIXTY DOLLARS!!!
I got a call from this number too and googled to see who it was and found this site.  I have not personally had problems with my AHS warranty. Service has been good.  From what I understand from Realtors I know, AHS has a new version of the warranty that covers many of the things that were reasons for denying claims in older versions.  They said the new one has be much, much better and they get very few if any complaints now.  There have been news reports of several warranty companies closing down or pulling out of many states recently.
I agree with just about everyone...their service was horrible, didnt cover anything...and ive already called twice to have them put me on their 'do not call list' but just recieved another on was there and i finally called back...again...and spoke to another gentleman who assured me i would not be bothered again...ya...right....
Told them to stop calling me cause their service is terrible.. still get about 5 a week.. Now I have Fun with them :)
They keep calling my cell phone and it's making me very angry!
I finally thought to send a comment via their online customer service and received the following reply:"Thank you for using our online services.  We received your email requesting to remove you cell phone number. We have completed your request and if you need any other assistance please feel free to contact us."We'll see.  We use AHS as our provider for our home, and I used to use them for a property in Phoenix, but my name isn't on the current one, and it's been ages since I've had an active account.  Regardless, I reached the same level of frustration as most folks posting here.  Will cross my fingers that they now leave me alone.
I'm glad to have found this little website.  Let me add my voice to the others - - I just got such a call, and just recently let my AHS agreement expire precisely because they cover NOTHING.  If it's not in brand-new, perfectly-maintained condition, they'll claim you didn't maintain it so they won't cover it.  But for visiting your house and telling you that, they WILL charge you $55.
It's from AHS. Our agent bought their plan for us when we bought our house. We are not satisfied with their service at all. Will not renew.
Several recent calls - no message.I used to have a contract with some home warrentee insurance place puchased by the people I bought my house from.   I didn't renew.
I did know it was American Home Shield; however, I got coverage from them when I bought my house and had to call when my air conditioner unit died. They responded quickly and let me change the service provider to one of my choice without problems.
calls and never leaves message. when you call them back no one answers. have never had insurance or any dealings with this company.
Rings afternoon until early morning 2, sometimes 3 times per day any and almost every day of the week.  No one answers. No one leaves a message.  Very annoying - it needs to stop.
I'm so tired of this @@sholes calling me over and over and over again...and their service sucks!  AMERICAN HOME SHIELD HOME WARRANTY PLAN.
It's from Home Warrenties... if you ever had american home sheid... it's them calling to get you to renew

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