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these b***hes call my job today saying that he is office steve ,and i got aloan with them and they gave me 300 hundred dollars and i need to pay back 500 dollars and they are going to send apolice to arrest me and the attorney general is listenind to me so i must be careful what i say and i commit internet fraud  and i need to pay the money today else i would have to pay 1000 dollars  how they gonna seize my ssn and the fools dont even know how to speak english, if they call u tell them to kiss ur black or white aaaaaassssss
These people are scammers. They call saying they have a case pending against you from the BCI. Say the pending a state investigation they will be proceeding with charges unless I wanted to take care of this today. Oh and today was the only day I could do it. So I said if it is a state investigation then I can call the state to verify, of course then he back peddled. No its not the state. Basically they try to talk all over you to make you feel like its legit. They are a SCAM!! They claim to be with ezcash usa. Also they try to get your managers information because they can only send your case information to a manager or a lawyer, oh yeah and your "Lawyer doesnt have to have a bar license. REALLY!! lol. So if you havent already fell victim. It is a scam and report them to homeland security. That is what I did.
they keep calling wanting money and saying im fraud and have charges going against me.
So I was down but not out one day. I needed some extra cash to last a week. I decided to look into a "cash advance." I checked on line at a couple sites. Each one asking for all types of info. Really strapped for cash I reluctantly decided to try a site that claim it would network with diffrent lenders to find me a loan. When I saw all the personal info they wanted to know in order for me to start the process I was already scared. Desperate I did it anyway. With in 10mins I had emails and text messeges that wouldnt stop. I knew then I was being scammed! I got more than 30 a day claiming to drop money in my account if would confirm the transfer. I cancelled all of them and put myself on the do not contact lists. Well those slick pimp-MF's also share your info with the wrong people. Fast foward 3 months. I have Mr Patel calling accusing me of internet fraud. You could tell he was reading a script. Said that I took out a loan from his client and refused to pay. He wouldnt tell me his clients name or any information. He didnt have a web site that I could contact at or number to reach him at. Said that he would mail legal papers to my work to notify my employer I was stealing money. What kind of s**t is that?! Its been 5 months now and that Punjabi a**wipe is still calling. Sometimes I answer with a chines accent just to get a laugh. "Rat Bastards!" You d!ck in the booty a**holes!! If I had one wish it would be to find one of you m**thafu**ers! Hang up on em'!! F**k everything they say and stand for.
These dam punjabi cow worshipping piece of crap jackholes call and claim to be some sort of officers.  There full of poop.  They are fake. They got your info from a variety of sources where you submitted your info.  What ever you do don't confirm anything for them they will just add it to there database on you.  Turn the tables on them.  Call them back and question them give them bogus info and tie up there lines.  They use local lines but the calls are routed back to India.  Do not get scared they are fake and trying to prey on you. Fight back.  Call them back and give them a piece of your mind.  Oh yea use a restricted number.
I am a 3 user in Australia ,,,,i got a message saying GCD from 7073.....i just googled and i found iam not the only victim
I am getting these annoying text messages at all times of the day and night. The message contained is: "GCD"
I am a 3 user in Australia and I too am curious as to what these GCD messages are from 7073, but good to know im not alone!  WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD!
OMG WTF ~how do u get rid of these messages...SO annoying==
I got this message as well, but i think the pattern is that every time you log on to skype (the three modified iskoot client) and log off you will receive this message.
I am a skype user on the 3 Network, Australia with a E63 handset and I have been receiving these messages since yesterday (30 March 2010). Weird!
someone must have an answer !!!
not entirely sure why I got the same message that everyone else got that just says 'GCD', tried googling it and well, I found this, it isn't terribly descriptive. the Skype theory sounds legitimate though
Mobile carrier is 3 in Australia. Recieved an sms that simply says GCD. I also use skype but there are many other people getting this that don't use skype. Any ideas?
yeeeehh i got the GCD from 7073  - weird and annoying, hope it isnt charging to send these msgs
i regularly get sms from 7073 simply saying GCD
i thought it's from skype. when i tried to logged out from skype on my e 63 i got same msg.
Me too..  Anyone know what's going on?
I got this smjs when I logged into Skype from my mobile the first time.Do you think it could be marketing from Global Cell Directory (GCD)?
Several SMS's received today (Nov 25th, 2009) from 7073 with content GCD.

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