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Reverse Phone Check:

Have received three calls from708-801-9951. Shows GPM in caller id. Guy says sorry, I apologize, wrong number...have a nice day and hangs up.: Very strange.
I, got a phone call, phone rang 2 times I picked it up then the man said oh I, got the wrong ** and said have a good day.
Got a call from this number.  The same guy called from 708-248-7114 a while back.  As soon as I answered, he said "Sorry, wrong number.  I apologize and have a nice day'" which was exactly the same as the last time  Seems very strange to me.  Caller ID says it was from "Communications group" this time, the other one was from "Mitchells Comm"
Several calls from this number. I answered last night as I was exiting my car taking my kids to soccer practice. The girl said she was calling from my magazine publishers. She said "How are you this evening?" I replied "Very busy, can you cut to the chase?" She said "Yes, I can cut...(click)."
calls several times a day, only got a person to talk to me once,this is what i said before he had a chance to tell me anything about his intentions:  Hello, I have reason to believe this is an Al-queda information gathering center, the department of homeland security has been notified, and this call is being tracked, traced, and databased, and your voice is being recorded for investigative pourposes....they hung up and i have never recieved another call from them
This no. has been calling me every day for approx. ten days.   They do not say anything or leave a msg.The caller ID states "Name Unknown".
Jerks keep calling cell phone and hang upMany complaints to the FCC with no action.
They call our house phone about 4 times a day. They won't say anything when I answer and they won't leave a message. Already saved it under the name of Do Not Answer so my kids won't answer it by accident. I'm fixing to block it now. I'm worried that it might be one of those phone numbers that call you and run up your phone bill calling other countries.
Please make sure you are on the do-not-call list and then file a complaint with the FCC regarding this number. I would love to get them perm. disconnect!!!Here is the FCC link for complaints:
This number keeps calling me! Has called me 5 times and its a daily thing!
Not  real company! they harrassed me for awhile. They call hang up or laugh. I did get to talk to someone they actually did not hang up on me, was surprised. They said they were a magazine company (they are not) Block them!
several calls from this number. no one there and I get its disconnected when I call it back
Got a call from this the other day on my company cell phone.  I didn't answer it.  They never called back. No message.
someone from this number has been calling our house - usually do not answer - no messages have been left - when I did answer the person asked for my son...?...he wasn't here - they had no message to be delivered?
I called the cell phone company and was told that the real culprit making the phone call is likely using an app on their end to broadcast a disconnected number as the number they are dialing from.  So until the app is made illegal and those using it are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, block the calls.
It's annoying, I sure won't answer again. In fact i'm blocking it today
I been receiving calls from this #, they don't leave messages.  I finally answered and she asked for Wade, I told her she had the wrong # and she hung up.  When I called the # back to see who it was, the recording said the # was disconnected.
Could be a debt collector, guys. In fact, I bet they're checking this message board right now to see who they can go after. I wouldn't divulge my name on this site but I've been receiving the same call and the caller will not identify themselves but they'll try to ask you about everyone else.
They got a hold of my cell phone number and calls several times a week.  It  never leaves a message.  When I call the number back, it just gives a beeping sound as if it were a non active phone number.
This number keeps calling me....twice a day for a week and 1/2 now.  Never anyone on other end...just hangs up.  When returning a call to the phone #, at first received a recording, but now, the # is disconnected.  HARASSMENT!!!!

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