AntiCall is a user created reverse phone directory where you can:
- Lookup reverse phone numbers to find out who is calling you.
- Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner.
- Report telemarketing calls. Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices.

Reverse Phone Check:

My mother receive the same call!
Person calling won't Id themself
Bogus valued Bell customer $4000 of travel money please press one. Nope!
same here
Bogus offer for valued Zellers customer 1000 points, please press one. Nope way. How can I stop them from calling.
I didn't answer
August 9, 2010 - recorded message - claims to be from Costco "as you are a valued customer (I am not a customer).
Same as above, " you are a valued .... customer and you've won 3000 in travel dollars. Press 1 to accept"
Phoned My Cell....didn't answer....I'm in BC Canada
It is a recorded greetings saying that I won CDN 300.00 for being a valued customer to accept press 1. I hung up I live in Toronto.
Just got a call saying that because I'm a Bell customer, I'm entitled to $3000(lol) in travel vouchers. What a bunch of morons. At least make it more realistic. We all know that Bell would never give anything free to their customers. (lol)
just got a call saying i am a valued customer and press 1 for a prize...?
Yes, I got the phone call from the same number, didn't asnwer it, I would suggest the same bogus phone call.
same number called me today - no message - where is (709)
I just had the cosco version call me, i pressed one to b***h them out, then they asked if i was 25, which i am not til next week go they were like goodbye in the rudest tone (sounds like india call center)
How can we complain. this phone number should be locked.anywhere we can complain?
Came in on office line, thought it was a client. Turns out to be recording offering me a special offer as a Costco customer. I'm not a Costco member.
Missed a call. didn't pick up. Called back from a landline- the number doesn't exist.
Claimed that since I was a valued Bell customer,  I could receive $3000 in trvel vouchers . . .
Didn't pick up, in Vancouver

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