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Annoying!  I went on Verizon's website and blocked the number.  You can only block 5 numbers at a time and that only lasts three months.  You have to go back and do it all over again.  By then, you'll have twenty more numbers!  I can't tell you have many phone calls I've gotten in the past three weeks.  I don't even want to hear my phone ring any more!So, the best I can do for now is block the newest numbers as they come in and hope that the old ones don't regenerate and start calling again.  Wish I had a smart phone that allowed me to block individual numbers as they come in, instead of having to use the Verizon website.  Maybe a phone maker will read these and come up with a solution.  I'd buy one of those phones!
I got a call, it was Saturday actually Sunday 2:45am.  This is an unpublished number from Sioux City, IA Who is this? What are they doing calling that time of morning?Does anyone know?
Did not leave a message.
je veux me connecter+
victory 2010, vote libertarian!  also see 712-352-2111.
Victory 2010? Only if the democrats and republicans get voted out!
Victory 2010?  Only if the democrats and republicans get voted out!
---THIS IS HOW TO STOP THE CALLS....FOR SURE----------- I responded to their advertisement, by giving them my name and phone number, thinking it was an "ok". Boy was I wrong. This man doesn't even quote scripture correctly. Bottom line is that the calls don't stop coming in. Even after 3 times of me calling their customer service number = 888-831-0434 and asking them to stop calling my number (calls are coming from AMERICANCOLOR 212-967-8033) . Just 10 minutes ago, I called again.....waited on hold for 11 minutes, then told Juanitha (yes, that's spelled correctly) that I was recording the call and that I wanted my number removed and that IF I get another call, I will immediately set up my autodialer to call their toll free number, let their automatic answering machine come on, let my dialer stay connected for 30 seconds, then hang up and immediately dial again and do the same thing. I would do this from 9pm till 7am (10 hours = shy of 1200 calls = cost of about 45cents per connection). When they get their extra large bill from the toll free service...then they will do something. Oh, and by the way, when I called today, Juanitha said "ok" , even after I told her I was recording the entire phone call. I'll be saving that call as I'm sure they will try to come after me. Too bad.....for them. and for those of you concerned about the legality of is...100%, considering the scenario above.
left no msg.
American Home service- to try and sell me a renewal on my warranty which by the way, was the worst money I have ever spent. As of this time I still have a 14"x14" hole in the ceiling of my bathroom that they just could not get someone out to fix. That was after they sent the plumber to fix the leak that was caused by the plumber fixing a separate leak in my kitchen directly above the basement bathroom. It all worked out though because it was open when I had "my" plumber come out and re-fix the leaks. I have been called 9 times in less then 30 days and have expressed distaste for the company and the fact that work is not completed. I have also stated since first call not to call my number- after today I have told them I will press harassment charges against them. The lady I spoke with just now confirmed there was a do not call clause in my file.
There is one situation where getting this service is helpful.  If you buy a house that you know has some plumbing, electrical, etc issues, you can get an add on that covers 'pre-existing' problems.  They are a pain in that a** to deal with, but I got all my plumbing solutions fixed (6 individual problems), a hot water heater replaced (was leaking when I bought it), my heaters mother board replaced ($600 cost), and my air conditioner's leak fixed and recharged.  The a/c and heater I did not know about, but the other stuff was actually in the home inspection report and they fixed it anyways.
I subscribed to AHS for two years.  I used the service once for a plumbing problem and it was fixed.  I called the next year and they came out, charged me the $50, and told me that this problem was no longer covered by AHS since my access point was on the roof.  I was offended and did not renew.  I have now received a call from them at 7:16 pm.  I recommen NOT to use this company.
I am on a do not call list and have been reporting all telemarketing calls to FCC via their website, and on the Do Not Call website. I have also asked each caller to take me off their list. I have experienced almost a full week without calls until today.  With this one, I asked and actually received an answer from where they receieved my information.  They have a bogus gmail email address, but with my phone number and address.  I have contacted Google to try and find out who created this email account, and to hopefully end this.  As per the AHS rep, Direct Agent is supposedly collecting and distributing "online request" for the sales call, and it is likely I will receive more calls from other companies as this "list" is widely distributed. This is completely fraudulent, as I have never used AHS and have no use for a home warranty, and I have NEVER requested ANYONE call me to try and sell me something.  Another month of this and I will cancel my telephone service.
Just got this call on my direct line at work.  No message was left
just recieved ANOTHER call from this number... its definately AHS. They are the most useless company. DON'T EVER GET THIS INSURANCE!!! You pay 50 dollars for someone to come out and look at what's wrong... but all they do is make sure they don't find anything so they have to come back again or tell you crap so you'll have to pay more. I called to have my water heater looked at because it was going out, the guy who came out tried to tell me its not my water heater, I need to replace my pipes... well I got a new water heater and my problem is fixed. had to pay out of pocket! ta da! these people are useless!
Hang-up call
Did not answer - had heard this was spam!
Received call at 11:15 am on 10/27.  No message left.
Hi Everyone-  I have received a call from this number almost every week. It use to be at the same time in the morning.  I recently got an account with Grand Central which rings both my home and cell phone (associated with gmail).  Does anyone know how much you are charged for taking the call?  I am just suspicious these days of being overcharged.  Thanks everyone for being so informative.Pleasanton, CA09/25/08

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