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Reverse Phone Check:

I just tried to buy a vehicle in Arkansas.  They wouldn't get my payment down to where I wanted, so I didn't buy today.I get home and my cell phone rang with this number.  Didn't answer the phone cause I didn't know who it was. Googled it and landed here.  Nice!
consumor rappor,never leaves a mesage, very weird
stop calling my job
so annoying, calls several times a week at different times. Comes up as J. Heath, traced to some oil company in TX...we live in MA.
We've asked repeatedly to be taken off the call list, but then we start getting calls from other numbers.
This is crazy. Who is this F Fulco?
This number just called my hous one minute ago.2x in a row.Does not leave message.Caller is F,Fulco and calls 4x a month.
calls my house multiple times  why?  713-896-1222    no message
called here and when i picked up they hung up right away. caller id says f fulco. whats their deal?
Multiple calls, 7/2007 to 5/2008. No Messages left, unknown caller to WA state phone number.
2008 May 8 @ 626 pm call w/ no message.
I had a message on my answering machine today from this number (ID said "Texas"), and the woman was looking for someone with the same last name.  She left an 800 number for a reply (the same one Pat listed in her March 6th comment), including an extension.Yeah, right!  I'll make sure that someone who doesn't live here -- someone that I don't know -- calls Leann Davis right away!!  Our phone is listed with a different first name; are they trying every listed number in the hopes that someone knows her intended target?If they call here again, they'll get more of the same (no answer, chumps!).
this number just called me on april 29 2008 at 10:27 am and i missed it because my ring was off
Unidentified caller speaking forign language, didn't stop even when I said I didn't understand the language. ?arabic? curse?
They keep calling for my 3 yr old son! Wont tell me how they got the info and say they dont have my number in there system! You aint talking to my kid either!
They are calling regarding a bill if its " a personal business matter", I used to do collections. If the person isnt you or someone in your household, tell them that this is the wrong number and to remove it from their system immediately. Record whom you talked to and the date. Unfortunately for me they are calling about a bill I can't pay because I am unemployed and keep getting rejected from jobs because of my credit, sucks!
I have these same people calling every couple of days. I placed a complaint with the FTC, also put a fraud alert on my credit just in case. The person they are looking for is not me. They are very unpleasant and I suppose I'll have to change my number and unlist it to get rid of them. I'll keep filing complaints with the FTC since it doesn't cost me anything but a few minutes.
My call screener at work got one from Larry Evans with LTD.  No doubt it's about a bankruptcy that was fully discharged years ago.  They probably bought a debt from one of the creditors for pennies on the dollar and hope to pressure me to pay.  Don't fall for this!!  Once legally discharged, you are no longer responsible for the debt.  They'll use scare tactics and intimidation to try to get you to pay!  As well, you may be entitled to receive payment by way of a fine if they continue to harrass you.
This person just called my number, and they claimed to have contacted the person at this number several months ago.  Who are these people and why are they calling people?  Just pure harrassment?
They called twice in a row and didn't leave msg.

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