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They call me every day 3- 4 time a day today (9-29-10) they called me 6 times, I work nights and I've asked them to stop 5 or 6 times but they keep calling, and if you return call that number it registers as a disconnected one.
We've gotten several calls from this number.  A few times a day.  Most times they hang up, other times they will try to 'verify a yellow pages listing'.  It is getting very irritating.
Get this call at out business, we tell them to stop call our busness take us off their list but they keep calling. They have been calling us for the last year and a have wanting to update our What a scam! wish someone would do someting about it.
These idiots call almost every day. I wish someone would put them out of business.
I didn't get harassed but someone just sits there and then hangs up.  Noise in the background.  Im just going to put it in my phone as don't answer.
I've gotten calls from these idiots eight straight business days so far. I'm sick of them never leaving a message on my machine. When I call this number back, I get a recording stating the line has been "temporarily disabled." No legitimate company would do such a thing. This is harassment!
These people call my work every single day!  I have spoken to both a man and a woman, and clearly these people are out to scam you.  They have asked me to verify our "internet listing" and "yellow pages listing", and in both instances I will say, "We do not use that service" and they will quickly hang up.  These people are absolutely restless, and the man is straight up rude.  He will talk down to the admin in order to attempt to force her to put his call through to our employees.  Hopefully someone is giving these people a piece of their minds, because they're out of line!
First clue is the idiot can't speak english clear enough to put a sentence together.  I think he wanted to be the manager of our office, so I laughed and hung up.  Do this clowns actually think people will fall for their stupidity?  Mark this one down as the dumbest.
Re: 760-514-0143 and 714-409-3993Becky in Denver, and tec (or anyone) Did they ask you to fax an authorization authorizing the transaction they did that to me and sooo wishing I didnt, I am trying my best to recover my lost money but no luck.
i know someone who has dealt with this scammer as i type, thank you for the email that is very helpful,and yes he aor she maybe they will be caught ,, thiefs always get caught..
I too have been a victim of this person.  They have taken $150 from my checking account, but fortunately Wells Fargo is crediting my account back.  I have had two other "companies" calling me continuously for the last two months - one of them called me 18 times in one day saying they were from United Financial Crimes Investigation.  After some more research I am feeling a bit more in control of the situation, but their goal is to scare you to death....and they do a pretty good job of it.
I recieved a call from 052569163.... asking my to call 760-514-0143.... to my shock I got scammed but too late .... I feel soo stupid. be careful for this number.
This is a scam, I received threatening calls from this number regarding a past due payday loan.  I thought I was settling my account and learned $356.00 later they are not representatives for the company I dealt with.These people called my place of employment saying I needed an attorney and also asking to speak with my HR manager.
These fraudsters are still at it.  I was hit on 07/20/2010.My credit card company is charging back the amount.Doubt they will follow-up on the chargeback.
OMG, I was just scammed yesterday and they told me I owed money on a a past loan and and told me to send my ID and letter and asked for passport-  Isent in a panic but when i called the loan company, they told me it was not them asking for the money-What dod we do
this number keeps callin me and  im thinking its a friend with a new number but it isnt they stay on the line for like 3 seconds and then hang up not cool
These are stammers who are calling from India so dont pay money to them they are f***ing basters who ask for money dont pay they cannot do any thing
continue to get calls everyday and they wont talk to me just hang up. but it is infuriating having them continue to call as i am trying to run my business and get enough calls a day as it is. wonder if my cell company can block their calls?
We got a Judge to issue a Cease and Desist after he saw our phone records. We agree, prbly be in jail before long
They calls my house phone and say nothing, but they annoy any time of day and night. I do not want to receive calls from this phone number.

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