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i won't deny that i have taken out a PDL in the past, but they've been repaid. This company called me three times in succession, only leaving 1 message which I called immediately back on. Mr. Lincoln was the one who called, but I got a woman when I called back. I was at work, so I thought maybe I could head it off quickly, but while she was telling me what they calling about, I had to interrupt her a couple of times to answer some phone calls (I WAS AT WORK, and that comes FIRST!). Heard her say "serve her, she's not serious about this." When I protested, that's when Mr. Lincoln came on and told me that I owed this debt with some PDL company. I asked for more info. I was told that I had taken out the PDL back in 11/09 and tried to verify it by stating the checking acct that was used (on an account that's been closed since 2006/2007, so already I knew this guy was lying) and that I had used a particular email address (which has been defunct with the ISP that was associated with it since 2008). Lies, lies, lies! I told him by law, he was required to give me written notice of the debt before pursuing further action, stated he didnt' have to. I told him that I needed proof the loan was taken out, my signature, etc. He said it was an "electronic" signature. I was getting frustrated with him, I'll admit, so called him a couple of names. He then threatened to sue me for slander. Well, I'll sue him right back for harassment if it falls to that! Anyone have any clue how to get back at this "Firm". Their website is a joke
A firm that calls themselves Lombardo, Davis & Goldman calls me a minimum of 7 times daily, I had to change my home phone and make it unlisted. They now call my cell phone. They also repeatedly call family members and friends telling them that there is a serious judgement against me and that if I do not return their calls there will be serious consequences. I have called them and told them to forward me the so called information that they possess  so that I can look into the situation, to date, I have received nothing but harassing phone calls.
I was told I owe this company $510 from an old pay day loan.  Mr Bryant and Mr. Bronson
I keep recieving calls from this 716 numbers at my job stating that they got my information from essex county and I better called the number back or have my attorney because I have no intention on paying them I contacted the attoney general and did a cease to decease letter regarding this bogus companies who keep calling and harrassing me. so yesturday i told them to take this number from there call list and turn around recieved another call. File a pollice report because some one had been using my identiy and have also reported to the three credit brueaus.716335-965488846278527169895217
i am reporting this caller to all agencies that handle this kind of scam. Cause that's exactly what it is!!  They said that they were from the federal law enforcement, cyberspace division and that they were also the state attorney office. And that I took out a loan online for 250.00 in Oct. 2009. And that because of fines and stuff, I now owe $2,000.00 dollars. But if I will be willing to let their office handle it, They can make it so I only owe $711.00. And that I had to send them 150.00 dollars that day to start the monthly payments and stop the law suit. And that if I don't work with them, then they will be at my house or place of employment ( I don't work) to pick me up and take me to the local court house. And my references too. I told them that I don't have that kind of money and they informed me that I do. cause I get a check every month. They also told me that they would help me to find out who got the money and that they are with the state attourney and it would  be easier for them to find out all this information, than it would be me. But they can't do it for nothing. They had me so upset and worried about something that I didn't even do. I called my local sheriff's dept. and they said no to worry about it, cause it's a scam. And that I should call the better business bureau to report it. So that's what I've done.And the BBB told me to google the number to find out where the calls are coming from. So I thought I'd pass on the word about these calls being a  SCAM!!  Don't settle with them at all. Tell them to send you paperwork, regarding the arrangements. Good luck everyone and hopefully with enough of us complaining, we'll be able to put a stop to these scammers. Have a great day. And stop worrying and letting them intimidate you. I did!
I recieved this call this morning and I did not answerthey never stop calling and they have real proof to provide I have asked them to provide proof before and they answer you applied on line and we have the ip address of the computer that it was done on. I stated that you have no signed documents to present and they supplied nothing else. I informed them you can aquire my ip address by hacking to my computer so maybe I should sue you,
Mr. Bronson from Lombardo Davis and Goldman called me on my cell. I didn't answer, don't usually when I am at work. They left a message for someone I know, but it wasn't me! I don't know where they got my number unless they called the work of the last place my friend worked at and got my number as a contact. They stated a case number, and that this was her notification of "being served". How legal could this be even if she did owe. I am not her, this is not her cell phone number, so she obviously wasn't "served". I called her to let her know, but thanks to all these replies and the other websites I saw, she doesn't need to be quite as worried about this guy, they are not a law firm!!  The phone number that he left was 716-748-6254 out of Buffalo, NY.
i'm getting same type of calls...what can be done.....
who is this calling me is this some type of scam?  why are these people calling 24/7
got a call as well from this number saying i owe 550.00 is this a scam does this company even exzist the money they say  i owe is for a loan
That is the exact amount I owe.  They told me the same thing.  Is this real?
Calling about a docket number????  Press 9 Immediately.....Bull Crap....scammers
called number and reached Mr. Dukelombardo davis and goldman firmcomplaining about a loan I did not take out.  i have proof and do you think they would work with me.  Not in this Here goes the police report number I#0906002829and the ftc and attorney general will be informed

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